McAfee Customer Support Number +1-866-493-3645

Detecting any problem while using McAfee product? You can access to McAfee Customer Service online or by using your mobile number.

McAfee Support Number

McAfee is an American global computer security software company provide a wide range of digital security software for PCs, server and mobile devices. McAfee provides a user-friendly Customer Service environment where you can contact or interact with customer service person easily and can find a solution to your problem that you are facing while running any McAfee product on any of your devices.


McAfee Customer Service deals with

● Non-Technical Questions
● Registration
● Account Information
● Refunds
● Sales

When accessing McAfee’s Customer Service online, initially select your section in which you are facing the problem. For example, I need help with
1. PC
2. MAC
3. Mobile or tablet
4. Account or billing


Some most popular questions asked are as follows:

In case of PC

1. How to verify your McAfee Windows Security Suite is up-to-date (TS102018)?
2. Is my McAfee software working properly? (TS102488)?
3. McAfee Auto-Renewal Program: Common Questions (TS102149)?
4. How to prepare your Windows computer to download and install McAfee Consumer products (TS100119)?
5. Free Trials and Subscriptions: Common Questions (TS102145).

In case of MAC

1. How to download and install McAfee consumer products (TS100342)?
2. How to update or remove your credit card information (TS102521)?
3. How to deactivate a license so it can be installed on another computer (TS100996)?
4. I have subscription expiration issues with my McAfee software (TS102491).
5. How did my system get infected when I have McAfee software installed? (TS100771)?

In case of mobile or tablets

1. The device is locked and you have forgotten your Mobile Security six-digit PIN (TS101237).
2. How to clear the McAfee Mobile Security for Android Wi-Fi blacklist (TS102577)?
3. Unable to unlock McAfee Mobile Security on a device (TS101258).
4. Your Mobile Security account is locked because you entered your PIN too many times (TS101795).
5. How to uninstall Mobile Security (TS101407)?

In case of account or billing

1. How to uninstall Mobile Security (TS101407)?
2. What is the refund policy for McAfee products? (TS102153)?
3. How to recover your My Account email address or password (TS102157)?
4. How to update or remove your credit card information (TS102521)?
5. My Account shows the subscription has expired (TS102158)?



McAfee’s Technical support deals with

● Install and Uninstall issues
● Downloading issues
● General Technical Questions
● Error Messages


Contact Information

For other queries, you can contact McAfee’s customer support through the phone.

Customer Support Service number: +1-866-493-3645


+1-888-220-3424 Request Call Back