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HP is a multinational consumer electronics company having its operation all over the world. Initially, HP started making printers for corporations and small businesses. Since then, printers became the strong suit and a profitable avenue for HP. In its 80 years of existence, HP brought lots of innovations to the world of printing including 3D printing and low-cost printing. Clearly, HP is one of the pioneers of modern-day printers. However, as electronic products are susceptible to damages and malfunctioning hardware, HP printers too have some operational problems. It can be either a hardware fault or software bug which does not let it function properly. In such cases, connecting to HP Printer Support might come handy.

If you are facing HP printer issues, then you should look no further. We are Oniton Support who regularly deal with HP printers and can fix anything related to HP printers almost instantly. Call on HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-855-374-5135 and schedule an appointment right away. We assure you, we will fix your HP printer reliably. You can also talk to our experts directly through the chat box. Apart from this, if you have any further question, just email at Oniton Support and we will get back to you immediately. Moreover, when a printer does not work all of a sudden, the flow of work is hugely disrupted, so it's better to consult HP Printer Support from time to time to avoid sudden damage.

HP Printer Support

Common HP Printer Issues Users are Facing:

  • HP Printer is not turning on and making a beep sound intermittently.
  • The printer is not taking printing instructions and blinking the red light continuously.
  • The printer is turning on and switching itself off.
  • The paper feeder is not releasing papers from the sheet cassette.
  • Buttons on the printer are not working properly.
  • Prints are full of blemishes with incorrect scaling.
  • It keeps printing grayscale in spite of color cartridge.
  • Prints do not have fine legibility and the markup is poor.
  • Graphics-heavy prints have no vibrant color.
  • Unable to print solid black properly. It has bad patches and smears all around.
  • Consistent paper jam in the printer.
  • Toner does not fix to the page.
  • Connectivity issue. Unable to print through the wireless mode using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.
  • The HP printer application does not load on Windows.
  • PC does not detect HP printer.
  • HP Printer spooler service is not working.
  • The printer is taking too much time to heat up and initiate a print.
  • The printer is getting abnormally hot.

Services We Offer

We are a leading service company with years of experience in this field. We offer multiple services, from setting right hardware malfunction to software bugs and everything that you can expect from an extensive and trustworthy HP Printer Support. Our technicians can fix cartridges without additional replacement of ink. We have a dedicated team who has years of expertise in repairing core hardware components.

Printers seem like an inexpensive device, but the image sensors are costly and if those sensors stop working then the repair cost can get quite high. That's why it is better to approach HP Printer Tech Support before something major starts breaking. Still, our engineers are highly equipped to repair such delicate components at the microscopic detail.

At times, printers do not take commands from PC mainly because of the driver incompatibility issues. As we know, printers are peripheral devices. So, to function properly, everything connected to the printer should also work fine. Like PC should have the proper driver installed as well. Our engineers can manually install drivers on your PC so that the incompatibility issue is fixed. We also make sure that the latest version of drivers is installed otherwise it may become incompatible with the printer's firmware.

If HP printer is not printing black properly, our technicians can fix the toner cartridge of your printer. We try to reuse the cartridge as much as possible so that additional cost of a new cartridge doesn't become a burden on the user. Our HP Printer Customer Support Experts have an in-house lab where they carry out the repair work. Technicians have access to all the modern tools so we can deliver service with reliability.

Sometimes documents with high graphics don't print well even on inkjet printers with the toner cartridge. It can be due to faulty photosensitive drums. So, if your HP printer is not printing graphics well then we can fix this issue with ease. We can cleanse the photosensitive drums from dust and obstructions.

We have an experience with various kind of printers. Monochrome printers have laser technology embedded in it. After prolonged usage, the laser which is used to mirror the images on palette stops working. That's why it's better to occasionally consult HP Printer Support so that these necessary sensors get their much-needed service. Anyway, our skilled professionals can easily fix the laser at a low cost.

Apart from this, we can fix the connectivity issue like WiFi and Bluetooth. Most people use mobile devices to print wirelessly. We can help you set up AirPrint and Google Cloud Print on your smartphone. All in all, we can fix just about any issue related to HP printers.

Opt our Excellent Service and Fix HP Printer Right Away

Oniton Support is known for its unmatched service quality. Our skilled technicians have fixed HP printers for the past few years. So, we have gained a wholesome experience along the way and know the intricacy of HP printers very well. Our HP Printer Technical Support Technicians are highly skilled and specially trained to understand the issues of HP printers. In any case, if you are facing problems with your HP printer, you should try to connect with HP Printer Support for quick redressal.

Professional Service

We have a team of dedicated technicians who consider work as a responsibility. Our technicians not only fix issues but also showcase the ability to fix things with dexterity. Oniton Support believes in doing work smartly, so all our engineers work in an efficient manner without damaging other components during the repair process. Our engineers make use of state of the art lab for the repair process. You can expect professionalism from our engineers and we will not disappoint you.

Timely Service

We provide support as soon as we receive a service call. At Oniton Support, our goal is to attain maximum productivity. We do our work in a timely manner and deliver the product before the ETA. You can fully rely on us for quicker service and swift resolution. We provide on-site as well as remote service through instant phone and chat support. We assure you, we will not let you down with our service.

Affordable Service

We do not overcharge our users and make sure the cost is within the budget. Primarily, we try to cut short the service charge so that users can avail the services. At our HP Printer Customer Service, we try to provide service benefiting the customer so that we can continue to have a long lasting relationship.

Oniton Support

Why our Service Matter?

There is an overwhelming number of companies who provide service but we are different from them, being a quality HP Printer Support. What makes us apart is the focus we put on service quality and overall customer satisfaction. From the very beginning, we have tried to trudge the principled path of delivering service worth remembering. Once you take our service, we make sure the repair is done perfectly at the first stage so that you don't have to come back for service again. Our HP Printer Customer Service do the work diligently, taking care of every small component. Furthermore, Oniton Support stands for quality service without delay and mishaps. We can assure you that our service will overwhelm your expectations.

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