Windows Update Service not running: Resolve Using Easy Fixes

Windows is one of the efficient Operating System across the globe. For the last couple of decades, they are providing the proper technology to the users. It all started about a decade ago when Microsoft had launched then-new Windows 7 to the market. After that, it has been a sensational run for them. Still, after having some of the best technologies across the globe, you may face some of the critical issues with the Windows Operating system. One of these frequent issues that you may face is Windows update service not running properly. A number of users report the same issue.

Windows Update Service Not Running: What And Why?

Before we move into the solution part, it would be better if you can take a look at some of the probable reason behind the issue. Windows Update is one of the important things to have in the Windows Operating System. It basically helps the Operating System to upgrade to the latest version. As without the latest version and application, the Operating System will become outdated. So, it’s important for all the users out there to update their system in order use them in the proper way. But there can be some of the reason due to which you may not be able to update the operating system you are using.


One of the main reason behind the issue can be the corrupted Operating System. If the Operating System you are using is corrupted in any way then it can be a vital reason. Due to this, the Windows Update is not working properly. Apart from that, some of the users have even reported that the process has started but it is stuck on 0. So, it can be a big reason for the users to get upset with the Operating System they are using. Sometimes your Windows may get affected with the malware or bugs. So, it can even be a big reason due to which the update is not working properly.


So, these are some of the probable reasons out there that can be causing the issue. Now, we would be moving into the part of the solution. So, let’s go and have a look at them.

Windows Update Service Not Running: Way To Resolve

Till now, we were discussing the reason behind the Windows Update service not running issue. Now, take a look at some of the preferable solution that you can try to eliminate the issue.


There is some certain process that you can try to resolve this frequent issue off your system. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the possible solutions to eliminate the issue.

The Windows Troubleshooter

The first thing that you can do is to use the inbuilt troubleshooter on the system.  First, click on Start and type in the “troubleshoot” and open the tool. After that, a new panel will open where you will be finding different options regarding the system. Select the “Fix problems with Windows Update.”  Now follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the troubleshooting process. If you are done with the process, then try to have a run to the Windows Update you were trying to fix.

Look For the Bugs

This Window Update error may even occur if malware attacks the system you are using. Now, run a proper scan to look for infections. If you are finding some of the malware or bug which are affecting the system you are running then it would be better if you can have a full format to the system you are using. In such case, before you format the whole system, don’t forget to have a backup to the storage your system is running on. When done with the format, then just restore the backup.


In this way, you would be able to clear up all the bugs or malware from the system you are using. Then, try once more for Windows Update to have a run.

Restart The Windows update Process

If Windows Update settings are disabled then it also causes you to halt Windows Update. To resolve the Windows update service not running issue, first, open Run and type in “services.msc” and press enter to get into the settings. Now, double-click on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. If you have got into the settings, make sure that the startup type is set as Automatic.


Now, alternatively click on start and stop the process three times in a row. Then press the OK button to close the screen. Then, click on the Cryptographic Services and do the same with it as you have done previously with the Background Intelligent Transfer Service.


When done with all these processes move into the part of Windows Update and then again stop and start the process consecutively for three times. In this way, you’d surely able to resolve the issue you were facing.


Last but not least, you can even try to clear the Software Distribution folder in order to resolve the issue you are facing.


If you have followed the above process carefully, then you should surely be able to resolve the Windows update not running issue you are facing. If you still face any kind of issue, then you can comment on the issue in our comment section as we would be happy to help you.

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