Microsoft Movie Maker Windows 10: Resolve The Issues Effortlessly

windows movie maker black screen

Windows offers one of the best apps for video editing, called Windows Movie Maker. This app enables users to create a personalized movie instantly. With Windows Movie Maker, you can create a lot with pictures, video clips, background music, etc. Additionally, The created film can be further edited by adding titles and other effects. Apart from that, the current version of the Windows Movie Maker program has some features, such as a Slideshow, Cropping the video as per the user’s choice, Video merging, adding subtitles, image collage, etc. As we know that no product can show full efficiency, similarly sometimes users complain that they encountered Windows Movie Maker black screen error.

If you are also facing the same while dealing with Movie Maker, then don’t panic. We, in this article, going to discuss the common issues regarding Windows Movie Maker not showing the video with expected solutions.

Common Issues With Microsoft Movie Maker Windows 10

Well, do you ever think about the reason behind the black screen in Movie Screen in Windows? It is an annoying problem that can affect your viewing experience. It can hamper your work, especially if it occurs frequently.

Incompatibility is the first reason behind the black screen error. The main culprit for conflict is your installed software that is not compatible with your device’s Operating System.

Possible Solutions Behind Microsoft Movie Maker Windows 10

Nowadays, to perform video editing you need good editing software. In that context, Windows Movie Maker is the first name that comes into our minds. Sometimes, users face Windows Movie Maker black screen error while using this app. However, if you read the solutions correctly, then it will help you to solve all the technical glitches.

Switch Off The Audio/Video Stabilization

Well, the video stabilization characteristic is known as a reason behind system crashing. Along with that, when you are previewing your video, blank storyboards error can also occur.

So if you disable this then it can resolve your issues. Here is the procedure for disabling video stabilization.

  1. First, visit Windows Movie Maker and then upload your files and videos.
  2. After that, inside your database or storyboard, focus and select the video that you want to remove.
  3. Then, go for an edit, which is inside the videos tool.
  4. Finally, select the Video stabilization option and change the option to ‘None’.

Solve And Recreate Windows Movie Maker

In order to restore your Windows Movie Maker program into its initial state, you have to identify the specific reason behind the Windows movie maker black screen issue and solve them. Try out this method to resolve the issue.

  1. First, select a photo that you want to add to your project. After that, if the system generates an “OK” message then save that as a movie and check properly if the video you made is of the .mp4 file or not.
  2. Then, add a video file of extension .wmv to your current project. In case they display an “OK” message, then save the movie and then try to play that.

Additional Tips: Even after checking properly if the video that you have edited is not working, then try to repair your Windows Movie Maker program. To do so you can follow the steps.

  1. Simultaneously press Windows Key and R to open the Run window.
  2. After that, write appwiz.cpl inside the box and click the OK option.
  3. Then, it will bring you to the “Programs and Features” window.
  4. Now, inside the new tab perform a right-click on “Windows Essentials” and choose the Uninstall option.
  5. Finally, hit the “Repair All Windows Live Programs” options and wait until the repair process complete.

Install The Windows Essentials Again

In this error-solving stage if all the WMM files are corrupted, then by installing a new copy, you can easily replace them.

But in case if you are still using the older versions of Windows Live Movie Maker then try installing Movie Maker updated version. However, there is no such condition is added for Windows 10. First, download then install the updated version of Windows Essentials, and then Run that installed file after removing the older version of Windows Essential.

Update The Graphics Drivers Of The System

Generally, the issue can occur if you are using the older version of the graphics driver. So, the best way to solve the bug is to update the driver. Here, is the procedure for how to update graphics drivers.

  1. First, simultaneously press Windows and R in order to open the Run dialogue box.
  2. Then, write ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press Enter to open the Device Manager of the system.
  3. Now, inside the Display Adapters option, enlarge the particular section and find your graphics device. Then, click on “Update Driver Software” option.
  4. Finally, search for the drivers and install them. In case, if you are not getting the correct driver then go to your computer’s manufacturer website and choose the one appropriate for your device. Once you find the update you are looking for, complete the installation process.


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