Fix Windows 10 Search Bar Not Working Issue Instantly

While Windows is a great Operating System, there are some issues which make the experience a bit sour. Users often report that Windows 10 search bar not working properly, and hence they are unable to quickly access the files. This creates a huge problem for users. Earlier, users just typed in the search bar and it would yield relevant results within seconds. Now, they have to manually navigate to the files.


Nonetheless, if your PC is hit by this bug then don’t worry there are ways to fix this issue. We will provide some easy ways to restore the search bar to the working state. Follow on and get a grasp of how Windows search bar works and the reason behind this error.

Why Windows Search Bar Not Working Windows 10?

There is something called indexing in computer and library nomenclature. It is used for record-keeping and quickly searching through the cluster of information. Windows works in the same way and indexes every single file in its database for quick input and output.


Sometimes the database gets broken or the service which is responsible for handling the file tree gets damaged. This damage can be caused by many reasons. It can be dislocation of files, disk defragmentation, and other technical errors.


Additionally, Windows 10 has become an advanced OS with personal assistant. The Windows personal assistant, Cortana is now integrated inside the search bar and it uses a neural engine to display web content as well with the local search. If something goes wrong with Cortana setup the search bar also gets broken.


These are few of the major reasons behind the Windows 10 search bar not working. Now, we will talk about the ways to fix the search bar. So, go through the stepwise guide given below.

How To Fix Windows 10 Search Bar Not Working Issue?

Here we provided some helpful ways you can fix the search bar on the Windows 10 computer. Keep in mind, your PC should be updated to the latest version of Windows. Also, if your PC is on the latest security patch then it is better. Now, moving to the solution.

Restart Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is basically a service which is responsible for handling the user interface on Windows PC. Basically, you interact with the PC through the Explorer window. Sometimes the Explorer faces bugs and does not pass the search query to the kernel and becomes dysfunctional. So, we have to restart the Explorer process to fix any outlining bug.


Right click on the taskbar to open Task Manager. Here, look for explorer.exe process and right click on it. Now, select End Task. This will kill the Explorer process forcefully and interface will disappear except Task Manager.


Now, to restart Windows Explorer, open Files menu in Task Manager and click on run. Type explorer.exe and hit enter. The user interface will appear in the original form and now you can check if the search bar is working properly.


If this method did not fix the issue, then kill Cortana process as well from Task Manager and see if Windows 10 search bar not working issue is resolved.

Restart Windows Search Service

Press the Windows and R button at the same time, it will open a Run window in the bottom-left corner. Type services.msc and hit enter. This will open the Services window which has all the listings of Windows services. From there, look for Windows Search and right click on it. Select properties and it will show a bunch of information.


Now, click on Stop button and wait for a while. After that, click on the Start button to restart the Windows Search Service. Finally, exit the Services window and check if the issue is fixed.

Run Windows Troubleshooter

If Windows search bar not working Windows 10 then open the Control Panel and change the view to a small icon in the top right corner. Here search for Troubleshooting and enter it. Now, click on System and Security and right-click on Search and Indexing. There, select Run As Administrator and further keep pressing the Next button until it asks for specific errors.


Going ahead, tick on ‘File does not appear in the search result’ and click on next. It will start the troubleshooting process and will fix the issue itself. After that, restart your computer and check if Windows 10 search bar not working issue is fixed.

Contact Oniton Support And Fix Windows Search Bar Immediately

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So don’t wait and call our Helpline of Oniton Support right now. We will provide service instantly without any delay. If you want to have direct chat with our engineers then head over to the chat portal and discuss the issues further. Additionally, there is an email option as well. If you have anything further to discuss, then email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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