Methods to Try when you are Unable to Connect to NVIDIA

GeForce Experience application comes in the box along with Nvidia and renders to provide you with an empowering experience. It ensures that you always have the latest Nvidia drivers by automatically notifying you about the most recent driver updates. If you are a GTX graphics card users, then you can quickly optimize your gaming experience.

Although it proves to be a helpful application, still it can cause a lot of problems as well. Abruptly, you might confront the ‘Unable to connect to NVIDIA’ messages while GeForce is trying to download the recent drivers. It can also surface in the form of ‘Unable to update drivers’.

This problem does not affect your system or make it unusable. But it can block you from accessing certain games mainly if you have not updated the drivers for a prolonged time. You can quickly get rid of this annoying issue by opting for the troubleshoots described in this article. Otherwise, you can consult with the recommendable Oniton Support experts.

Primary Reasons Behind Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Issue

The cause of this problem is unexplained. Most of the time the issue generates from the server side. Sometimes the error message can pop-up due to the presence of a bug or malicious program in your present application. If you interrupt the update process, then real-time errors can occur. Whatever be the factors, you need to troubleshoot each of them to mitigate the problem at the earliest.

Knowing when and why a specific error befalls, is half the battle won. If you consider yourself not enough tech-savvy to carry out the fixing, then you can always ask for help. Our Oniton Support is available 24×7 to resolve all Nvidia related trouble.

How to Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Issue?

Take a look at some easy-to-apply measures that you can attempt to mitigate the GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia error.

Method 1: Delete NSManagedTasks.xml

This process is reported to work for the majority of the Nvidia users. All you need to do is remove the file entitled as NSManagedTasks.xml. Then reboot your system and start the NVIDIA service. To implement this solution you need to Hold the Windows key and press the R key from the keyboard. Now, Enter the C:\ProgramData\Nvidia Corporation\NetService\ in the dialog box and hit Enter.

Navigate to the view option in the File Explorer and verify the Hidden Items option. Locate the file specified as NSManagedTasks.xml and right-click on it. Select the Delete button to continue the process. After this, you need to go to the Task Manager, by pressing the ALT, CTRL and DELETE keys simultaneously.

Get to the Details tab and identify the NVNetworkService.exe from the process list. Select the extension and end its task. Go to the run dialog box by navigating through the Windows key and  R key, from the keyboard. In the dialog box type in services.msc and select the Enter option. Click on the Nvidia Network Service and initiate it through the Start button. Finally, update your GeForce and check if the error message reappears.

Method 2: Automatic Driver Updates

Alternatively, you can try this process to fix the ‘Unable to connect to NVIDIA Windows 10’ problem.

To start with, you need to download the Automatic Driver Updates from the NVIDIA’s official website. Go to the website and click on the download button, in the Automatic Driver Updates section. All you need to do is run the file by following any additional on-screen instruction. Lastly, you will notice that the updater will automatically update the application, GeForce, as well as the utility, will update your drivers.

Method 3: Uninstall and Re-Install GeForce

If nothing else works, just directly uninstall the GeForce program and then re-install it again. To start with, you need to hold the Windows key as well as the R key from the keyboard. Now, enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the dialog box and press Enter.  Find the GeForce Experience program from the recent window and select it. Click on the Follow option for any additional on-screen instructions. Navigate and download the GeForce Experience. Install the program and check if the problem reappears or not.

If the above methods are not enough to meet your requirements, then Oniton Support is constantly there to help you.

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