Things To Know About The Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster

Omega is known to be the only watch brand to have been on the moon when an astronaut known as Buzz Aldrin wore this watch brand in his mission to the moon on 21st July 1969, and ever since this happened, Omega was known internationally. The company was started in 1848 by the founder Louis Brandt.

Although Omega company has many different kinds of watches, they have outstanding collections, and one of these is the Omega Seamaster. In this collection, you kindly find different watches for both men and women, but we will talk about the history of Seamaster and their Omega Seamaster for men for this article.

Omega Seamaster

The Omega seamster comes in Omega Seamaster Men and Women. This collection is also known as the “James Bond Watch,” The collection started in 1948 when the Omega brand had its 100th anniversary.        After it came out, it immediately became a hit on the market, and it was the top seller collection of the company.

The Original Design Of The Omega’s Seamaster

In 1932, the brand introduced their Marine watch, and it was worn by the well-known “father of modern diving” known as Yves Le Prieur; he was a French officer of the navy, and he was also the maker of the new tank and scuba mask. The explorer Charles William Beebe also wore the Omega Marine in 1936.

The first Omega Seamaster was known to be modeled after waterproof watches that were worn by the British military in World War Two. The difference between the Seamaster from the diving clocks was the O-ring gasket that made the water-resistance much better. The engineers of the Omega Seamaster were confident of their creations.

The Omega Seamaster 300

In 1957, the diving sport was an en vogue sport, and it was then the brand rolled out their trio Master clocks known as the Speedmaster, Seamaster 300, and the Railmaster. The brand designed the Seamaster to be a watch for underwater, but the Seamaster 300 can only go up to 200 meters.

The Watch of James Bond

In the mid-1990s, the Omega Seamaster collection slightly lost its popularity among the watch users because they have given in to the other collection. Their new favorite was the Omega Seamaster Professional. But the Seamaster 300 received tons of order when the actor James Bond chose this certain model.

The 2012 Olympics in London

The year the Omega Seamaster debuted in 1948. They were then the timekeeper officially of the London Olympics Game. It was when the Olympics game returned to London. The brand also released a new Omega Seamaster, and it was known to be a limited edition called the Omega Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial. With only 1948 clocks.

The Limited Edition Omega Seamaster 300 For The 60th Anniversary

The Omega brand introduced their limited edition Omega Seamaster on their 60th anniversary in 2017 at Basel. It paid homage to their original Seamaster known as the CK2913, which was introduced to the general public in 1957. It was nearly identical to the original Seamaster.

Key dates for the Omega Brand

In 1892 they created their first minute-repeater clock. While the first watch that was manufactured industrially by the Omega company that the name appeared in the Boer War was in 1900. They also timed their first event for sports in 1909. They became the official timekeeper for the Olympics Games in 1932.

The first launch of the Seamaster in 1948, while the first Omega Constellation Collections self-winding was in 1952. The watch NASA chose in 1965, known as the Omega Speedmaster, was made in 1957.

About The Omega Brand

Omega company is not only known as one of the best watchmakers in the world, but they also are known as one of the watchmakers who have an excellent history. Aside from being the first watch to have landed on the moon, they are also an official watch for space programs.

The brand was also the first-ever partner watch of the Army of the United States in 1918. They have also served twenty different Olympic Games. They are also an official watch of the actor James Bond. They have been in the industry for more than 170 years.


The Omega Watch company is known worldwide for creating the best watches for their general public and the professional. However, they have luxurious watches, and they also have watches that are affordable for everyone. The Omega watches are a great investment for they produce the best quality of watches in the market.


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