How to Fix Nvidia Error Code 3: Easy Methods

Nvidia has designed the most game-changing technology, with its graphics processing units, that serves the purpose of gaming as well as the professional market. Nvidia users gain the experience of operating through the world’s most advanced graphics solutions. While rendering on your system, your screen might displays “The NVIDIA OpenGL driver detected a problem with the display driver and is unable to continue.” Then it is sure that you have encountered Nvidia Error Code 3. You may not be able to access the programs as well.

Read this article to know more about Nvidia Error Code 3 and how it is possible to troubleshoot it. Furthermore, if you ascertain that you are not accustomed to the technical domain, then consult with Oniton Support experts for an extensive guidance.

Underlying Causes Behind Nvidia Error Code 3

There is an immense number of factors that can generate Nvidia error code. The most basic reason reported is probably there is a corruption in the driver. If you are not operating or utilizing the latest display driver then, there is a chance of error occurrence. Otherwise, if you have stopped the update process before it gets completed, abrupt technical glitches may surface. Moreover, using a third-party antivirus can also cause such error codes in your system.

Whatever be the cause, there is always a fix. Either you can go through the next section and execute the repairs methods to mitigate the error. You can also consult with Oniton Support executives to assist you through the problem.

How to Fix Nvidia Error Code OpenGL Driver 3?

Follow the solutions mentioned below that can help you fix the real-time error, at the earliest.

Method 1: Run the Hardware Troubleshooter

You can utilize the “Hardware and Devices” troubleshooter tool, which enables you to check for regularly happening problems. Additionally, it also secures if any current device or hardware installation is stable or not.  To start with the process, you need to navigate through, by clicking on Start > choose Control Panel. Now, try to locate on the top right corner of the View by option, click on it. Click on the drop-down arrow and pick the Large icons. Again navigate through, Troubleshooting Option > Hardware and Sound > Select Configure a Device. Lastly, you need to select the Next option. This will run the troubleshooter tool.

You will notice that the troubleshooter will detect the drag and drop problem. Just resolve the highlighted issue to allow Nvidia function accurately.

If the instructions do not serve the purpose, then you can go to the alternatives.

Method 2: Update the Driver

Here are three effective approaches to fix Nvidia error code 3, by updating the driver.

  • Update Drivers from Device Manager:

You can update your graphics card drivers, from the “Device Manager” window. First, you need to right-click on the “Start” button and then navigate to “Device Manager”. Now, click on the “Display adapters” to expand it. Locate the Nvidia card Driver and right click on it. Hit the “Update buy antibiotics online for dogs driver software” menu. Your Nvidia graphics driver will be updated.

In case you notice that there are no suitable device driver updates possible, then right click on the graphics card driver. Then choose the “Uninstall” option. After the uninstallation procedure, reboot your computer.

  • Update Drivers from Windows Update:

To start with this fix, you need to go to the “Start” menu and click on it. Then go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Lastly, click on the “Check for updates” button and wait. If the screen displays the latest availability of drivers, then click on it. The process will automatically get installed in your system.

  • Update Drivers from Manufacturer’s Website:

Go to Nvidia’s official website and find if there are any latest Windows drivers available. All you need to do is, install it by following the on-screen instructions on the webpage. To perform the step, right click on the “Start” menu and then select the “Device Manager” option or search for it in the search box. Now, you have to expand the “Sound, Video and game controllers” option. On the Nvidia card, you need to right click. Go to the “Update driver” software and reboot your computer.

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