Snapdragon 875 Lite, Qualcomm’s New Processor Version

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875

Qualcomm has recently announced a new series of chipsets for all the upcoming flagship phones. Certain analyses say that these chipsets will be the lite versions of the upcoming processors of Qualcomm. Rumours are also looming around that these tech giants will also implement the same process in the case of Snapdragon 860. 

The entire discussion took place at a conference meeting. In that meeting, various executives of mobile companies like Oppo, OnePlus, and others were present there. Thus, a  certain analysis says that Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 will also have an integrated 5G modem. 

The Hardware Integration

It is expected that the Lite versions of Snapdragon 875 will be more affordable in the upcoming smartphones. As the top-most flagship phones powered by the Snapdragon processor are much expensive, the architecture giant has taken this step. 

By adopting the 875 chipsets, and Lite versions, the mobile phone companies will be able to integrate with the hardware of Qualcomm and keep the price down. 

Lite Chipset in Snapdragon 865?

Experts are saying that the tech giant is going to release the chipset next year. But, in between, Qualcomm will provide the “Lite” features in its 865 chipsets. This will help the customers to get the taste of the Lite version before the 875 initial release.

The Snapdragon Lite Chipset: Powerful Enough?

Yes, the Lite chipset version will be a bit less powerful than the regular chipset. It is happening due to the costing issues. Therefore, the manufacturing company has to remove certain features. This will make the chipset less powerful. 

Which smartphones are compatible?

Expert analysis suggests that the Snapdragon 875 Lite chipsets will be present in those devices that have an in-display camera. In addition to that, the mobile phones will also have Arm’s Cortex-X1 CPU cores. In doing so, all the processor variants will work just perfectly fine. 

Is more than one Variant Logical?

Well, there is a big hype going on amongst the tech experts that the Snapdragon 875 will come at a huge price. The main aspect is the 5G modules, in the chipset, which will be expensive when compared to others. Therefore, Qualcomm has decided to launch more than one variant. This will help the customers to choose a reasonable mobile device powered by Lite chipset. 

Customer Expectations

As there will be multiple variants of Snapdragon 875, this will be making a lot of sense to the users. Customers who want the best performance devices can buy the higher variant. If anyone is not willing to pay a lot of money, then they can opt for the cheaper variant. 

As the newly produced chipsets belong to 800 series, people can easily expect the flagship speed. Along with that, the chipset will also deliver a superb GPU performance with 5G connection capabilities. 

Snapdragon 875 Lite: Rumors

The very recent analysis states that the launch dates for the new Lite processors are yet to be confirmed. The architecture giant might don’t have a lot of time to produce several processors. Thus, confusing the people. So, a lot of questions are coming up whether there will be a regular and Lite version or only Lite version of the processor.

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