Six Reasons Why a Developers Should Have a College Degree

There’s been a rise of self-taught professionals and coding boot camps in the world lately. It makes many people not see the use of going to college to pursue their studies. Especially, when you need to have a deal with college essay papers because it is also a  part of your study too. It may work out for such people in some scenarios, but the following are advantages of having a college degree:

college degree

  1. Building a strong foundation in your coding journey.

A degree program’s structure is in a way that ensures the students learn things they need to acquaint themselves with in preparation for their future careers. Self-teaching may help you find a way of completing a project, but you’ll lack the foundation for advancing to a more sophisticated professional experience. These are some things a developer will miss if they are self-taught or attends coding boot camps:

  • Discrete mathematics.
  • Computer architecture.
  • Relational algebra.
  • General business and communications.

Coding simple websites may not require a degree. However, if you want to broaden your options, you need to have a degree in preparation for high-level roles and projects.

  1. A College degree distinguishes you from self-made developers.

For instance, take a situation where a human resource manager in a firm has to pick between 2 candidates in an interview. Say the first one has a one-year professional experience after gaining knowledge from a coding boot camp. The second candidate has the same amount of expertise alongside a bachelor’s degree. In this scenario, the HRM will probably go with the second one. Why? Because the second candidate has a document useful in professional fields. Many companies may want to attract a mass of interviewees by adding “or equivalent experience” just after listing education qualifications. If two candidates are head to head against each other in all fields of experience and achievements, a deciding factor can be education.

  1. Well-known companies often require staff/ employees with a degree.

Many top companies often receive loads of resumes when they advertise a job opening. As a result, they may filter out candidates basing on their educational level. There are times when there are high job-demand, and popular companies may opt to put this strategy in place to tone down the number of candidates and get the most experienced position.

  1. Getting access to essential networks while pursuing your degree

In coding boot camps, the objective is self-directed; therefore, it offers limited access to professionals in different fields. Also, you build a network of professional counterparts and resources. For example, creating a good relationship between you and your professor will come in handy when you need a recommendation letter. Similarly, your peers may reach out to you with job opportunities in the future.

  1. You can advance your education.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, there’s always an option of advancing to either a master’s or doctoral degree. Note that it is a long process that may require extra effort and time to find such programs. In the end, you may end up with a plan that you do not desire.

  1. There are flexible college options.

If you are new to the technical field, it may seem like a hard task to earn your degree. There are flexible programs for your degree that lets you study even if you have a busy schedule. You are also able to keep a balance of your life and your studies.


It’s okay if you are a self-taught developer, but it’s even better if you went through college to gain the skills you have and practice them, there are many advantages to having a degree, the above are just a few.


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