Selling a Junk Car | The Latest Vehicle Recycling Technology & Market Update

Selling a car is hard – from finding buyers to reporting damages or repairs – everything requires constant updates and monitoring. Not to mention making time to show potential buyers the car and explaining, again and again, the changes. 

But, what happens when the car is no longer running? How do you sell a junk car that is no longer functioning? One simple way to get rid of a junk car is by selling it to a junkyard. You may not get much for it, but it is still better than letting it sit and rot. 

Tips to Sell a Junk Car – Latest in Vehicle Recycling 

There is a new technology in the market that hopes to recycle almost 100% of old vehicles and turn them into energy. Part of the ‘cleantech’ sector project, the area of the green economy covers everything from smart grids to renewable energy and car recycling. 

Recycling and the reduction of waste is a major challenge for all countries and economies, especially those trying to reduce carbon emissions. The rise in landfills has been a major factor in increasing recycling for scrapped cars. Even car companies are looking to develop lighter vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and are building light cars with light-weight material that are recycled later on. 

But, to sell a junk car that has been lying around for a long time, means that it does not comply with the ‘cleantech’ program. The parts are reused by selling them to used car-parts shops but reducing waste emissions may be tough. In some cases, parts are sent to junkyards that may try to recycle them. Before you think about trying to sell a junk car, you need to make sure that all of the following is in order: 

  • Paperwork In Order: 

When planning to get rid of a junk car, you need to make sure that you have all the paperwork intact. Even if your car is sent to the junkyard, most junkyard owners will need to see some proof of ownership of the vehicle. Without the actual title of ownership, the buyer will have no way of understanding that the car belongs to you. You may find a lawsuit in your hands. 

  • Remove All Personal Belongings: 

Before trying to sell a junk car, you need to remove all your items from the storage compartments. Also, it would not hurt to clean the car before you sell it. Look for stash areas like storage compartments, under seats, trunk, and other places to remove all your personal belongings. 

  • Remove The Number Plates: 

If you are scrapping your car, then you need to remove your number plates. A junkyard does not need the plates. Most states require you to remove any plates before selling your car. You have purchased your plates, and it is your responsibility to keep track. 

  • Remove Any Gasoline Before You Sell A Junk Car: 

Generally, junkyards need you to remove any fluids from your vehicles before they take possession. And that includes gasoline. Gasoline can be a hazard for junkyards to deal with, as they may combust under high pressure or temperatures. If your car still drives, then you can consider using the car until the gas runs out. But, if the car is inoperable then you need to siphon out the gas and drain the tank. 



When thinking about trying to sell a junk car, you need to check with your local scrap yards for the latest improvements in recycling technology. Junkyards are now becoming environmentally conscious and are looking into ways to recycle car parts like tires and engine fluids. 

So, before moving on to a newer model check to see just how recyclable the car is and how well it does in the auto emissions section.

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