Moto X won’t Charge – Get Effective Hacks to Resolve

Motorola, one of the finest smartphone company in the market and is notable for the advancing features that it provides. Its ultra-modern attributes and designs make it much different from other competitive companies in the market. However, unlike some of the technical glitches, it faces, one of the very common issues with Moto X is Moto X won’t charge. This is a very common issue, neglecting which can have a serious effect on the device.

So, in order to eradicate the issue completely here are some of the top-notch solutions that are quite helpful. However, no need to worry if you facing problem to resolve as the experts at Oniton Support is definitely going to help you on the matter. Also, you will get a complete step-by-step supervision that will help you to resolve all your technical upsets by yourself.

Easy Hacks for Preventing Moto X won’t Charge

The charging problem is very much common and it becomes quite difficult to get rid of the issue. Moreover, it definitely defeats the purpose and your goal sets. So, in order to overcome such restrictions, there are some finicky techniques that can make you trouble free of the conflicts that you are facing.

Diagnose the Issue in Safe Mode

It is quite impossible to get exact solutions without figuring out the root of the ailment. So, here are some of the drastic ways by which one can find the exact cause or root of the issue. In order to find the cause enter to the Settings option. Simply open the About Phone and get the exact battery use.

If there is any problem in finding out the culprit by the above method then simply jump to the Safe Mode. In the Safe Mode firstly, switch off the Moto X. Now, simply hold and press the Power button for a certain interval of time until the logo appears. Also, remember to hold the volume key to run the device in the safe mode. Now, having the Safe Mode on, test the battery duration. If the same problem exists then, move on to the Normal mode and disable each and every app.

Cache and Duration till Sleep Mode

This is also an effective process in resolving the issue. The simple step that you have to follow is to shorten the time that the device takes to enter in Sleep Mode. For this to happen, simply go to the settings option, tab the Display option and just select the select option.

If the process does not work, then the best thing to do is to wipe the Cache. In order to wipe out Cache does follow the steps below:

  • Firstly turn off the device and then hold and press the volume key along with the power button for an interval of time. Very quickly within an instant, using the volume key scroll down in order to recover. Note, to be very fast with the process or the device will start rebooting.
  • Now, you find that the Moto logo protrudes up along with the Android logo behind. Now hold up the volume key for at least 30 seconds. Tap the Power key having pressed up to the volume key. You will find another option to Wipe Cache Partition by navigating down the menu. Remember to operate the operation by the Power button. This should mitigate the major issue that you are going through.

Display Brightness

It is very common that having the display brightness to a max causes a serious issue for the Moto X won’t turn on or charge. Moreover, it ends up the battery in an instance, so special care should be taken to protect the battery from extra stress. As a user, be very careful and set the display brightness as per your need.

Close all the Apps

Having more than one or two apps open puts extra pressure on the battery. So, it is mandatory to close all the apps along with the GPS location, WiFi and the Bluetooth. If you perform all these steps, we hope you might get rid of  Moto X won’t charge. If the problem exists then move on to the next step.

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Port Cleaning

This method is quite tricky and is much helpful at times. It is the most beneficial when the device faces charging issues. So, cleaning the port using cotton swab is much more effective and safest. Just put the cotton swab inside the port and gently move it back and forth. You can also use an air blast to wipe the specks of dirt off from the port.

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