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In this new era, nothing is safe on the web and every device needs protection. Day by day Cybercrime is increasing. As many of our works nowadays are dependent on the internet, that why it very important to look at the security. However, many antiviruses can give absolute protection to a device. One such antivirus is McAfee. It offers many different types of facilities and advanced technology which help the users to protect our systems. Although it has many cons, which are pretty much annoying for the users. One such problem that users face using McAfee is McAfee virus remove.

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More about McAfee Virus Remove

Basically, there are different ways to resolve such an issue. This article will provide you with the basic description of the processes in details. We will provide you with determining steps for Mac, Android, and Windows. So, relate the problems and try out the solutions by following them.

How to Remove McAfee Antivirus for Mac?

For uninstalling McAfee for Mac, there are basically two ways in which you can resolve the error.

Step 1 – Uninstall McAfee via the Terminal

Basically, to remove McAfee on your Mac device one can try it by some special command in the terminals. So to proceed, open the Terminal from your Launchpad. Log in to your account via Admin rather than logging in via a User account. Now, type any one of the following commands in the Windows depending on the version:

  • For McAfee v. 4.8: “sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/”
  • For McAfee v. 5.x: “sudo /Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/”

Try out these steps or else follow the next step.

Step 2 – Remove McAfee completely with App Cleaner & Uninstaller

In Mac, basically, the Uninstaller and the App Cleaner is a removal tool for any application. Moreover, using it one can uninstall the apps completely. For doing so, launch the App Cleaner, open the Remains tab. Now, remove the McAfee leftovers by finding them.

How to Remove McAfee Antivirus for Android?

In order to remove the McAfee antivirus, ensure that you download the Android SDK. Now, construct a new folder on the C: drive and name it as Android SDK. Remember you must unzip the SDK. zip from the folder. Using a data cable connect your phone to the PC and open the command prompt. Now, write CD\ and press Enter CD android SDK. Then, type CD Tools and then type ADB Remount. Hope now the McAfee antivirus is removed from the Android.

How to Remove McAfee Antivirus from Windows 10?

For removing the McAfee on Windows, open the search box and enter the McAfee on the search discount antibiotics online box. Then, open the real-time scanning and click the turn off the option to remove the McAfee antivirus. Continue the same process with Windows 7, Windows 8 or any other Operating System of Windows that you have.

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