Effective Tricks And Tips To Resolve Linksys Parental Controls Not Working Problem

linksys parental controls not working

Linksys Smart WiFi is the latest design from the company that enables you to configure the dashboard, in order to make it easier to change and you gain a streamlined interface. You can now access the router from wherever you are in the world, through its Smart WiFi feature. You can efficiently manage and limit internet usages and check the transfer of packet data for all your home devices through the Parental Controls feature on your Linksys router. Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System is incorporated in all Linksys routers, which helps to pause access, block specific websites or set a time boundary, as per the requirement. You can seek help from this article and get vivid information on Linksys Parental Controls. Moreover, this article provides generous guidance whenever you encounter Linksys Parental Controls not working issue.

Probable Causes Behind Linksys Parental Controls Not Working

If you are unable to work your way through the Parental Controls feature on your Linksys, then there must be a few underlying reasons. Let us look at a few such issues behind Linksys smart WiFi Parental Controls not working:

  • If you have not installed the latest version of the Linksys application, then it could be the root cause that is preventing you from accessing the Parental Controls.
  • Often due to a conflicting real-time issue, the Velop system may fail to work accurately.
  • If you have set your router to bridged mode, then the Velop system fails to function. Furthermore, this setting does not support the Parental Controls feature.

If any of the above highlighting points are bothering you, then go to the subsequent section to set the Parental Controls feature appropriately.

Easy Steps To Fix Linksys Parental Controls Not Working Issue

To resolve the Linksys router Parental Controls not working issue, at first you need to update your Linksys application.

Upgrade The Firmware

At first navigate to your router’s Web-based setup page, through your default web browser by typing the IP address into the address bar.

  • Try to log in to the setup page by utilizing the administrator credentials. If you have not made any recent changes to your router’s configuration, then type in ‘admin’ in both the username as well in password field.
  • In the new window, note if any updates are available or not. Hit the Update button and wait till the installation process completes automatically. Now, go to the official website and type in the model number of your router.
  • Click the Support tab and hit the download button. From the drop-down list, select the hardware version, you are operating. Locate the file designated as firmware and hit the download button beside it. Save the file and again go to the router setup page.
  • Click the Administration tab and select the Firmware Upgrade option. Finally, click on the firmware file that you have previously saved, and allow it to upgrade automatically.

At the end of the process, you will note that you are not permitted to utilize the Velop feature. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to enable Parental Controls.

Step 1:

To proceed, you need to Log in to your Velop dashboard. Using your default web browser navigate to the Linksys Smart WiFi setup page. Log in to the web setup page by typing in the global Smart WiFi login ID or either through the password provided as the default setting of the router. A message will confirm, whether if you are able to log in successfully.

Step 2:

Note if the Parental Controls are turned off due to its Default Settings. Locate the plus icon on your screen just beside the Parental Controls label and tap on it. This will lead to the Parental Controls section and permit you to add devices. Now, tap on the button designated as Control a Device, and it will prompt you to a drop-down list of all the devices connected through your router. Select the device that you need to make necessary changes.

Step 3:

You will get three options as such ‘Create Internet Schedule,’ ‘Block Specific Sites’ and ‘Block Access’. If you opt for the ‘Block Specific Sites’ option, then it will help you to block as many as ten websites, by just typing in the website. The ‘Block Access’ option helps you to block access to any specific device. If you need to unblock it in the future, then tap the Resume Access button. In case you need to block any devices for a sustainable period then choose the ‘Create Internet Schedule’ option and set the date and time.

Step 4:

Check the dashboard and note if you have enabled Parental Controls for any of your devices. If the Parental Controls are on you will see that the toggle switch will be ON. Additionally, all the devices that are controlled will appear under the Parental Controls section.


Follow the steps mentioned above in the exact series provided to avoid any real-time issues on Linksys Parental Controls not working. However, while going through the above process, you might encounter that your modem is not working accurately. Otherwise, if you do not have any modem, then you can use an alternative option. Connect the cables directly to your computer, provided by your Internet Service Provider. In the first stage, you need to locate the IP address, and the procedure tends to vary depending on the device and the OS you are operating on. Additionally, you can also get technical assistance if you are much acquainted with the technical domain.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why are my parental controls not working Linksys?

The Linksys parental controls router are not working due to an outdated Linksys application firmware
version, which is installed on the system. Effective problems can also cause the parental controls of the
Linksys smart WiFi not to work.

How do I get past parental controls on Linksys?

You will first need to re-set the wireless router if you have set up Parental Controls on your Linksys. 
Press and hold down the Reset button at your router’s back for 10 seconds using pin.

How does Linksys Parental Controls work?

The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi parent control tool lets you limit your devices that can be online during
certain times of day on your network. You can restrict your network to up to 14 devices. 
You can block internet sites on certain devices with Parental Controls.
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