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iPhones are the series of smartphones produced by Apple. Apple produces many models of iPhone, but the latest model is Phone XR. Apart from iPhone, Apple also manufactures Watch, iPad, etc. If you are comparing the other smartphones manufacturers, it shows some additional features. But due to some major security problems, users don’t want to buy iPhone. Most of the users often ask about iPhone 1970 bug. So, if you are also facing the same issue regarding iPhone at the time of dealing with the product, then feel free to contact Oniton Support and get a reliable solution without any delay.

Usually, the iPhone 1970 bug is a very common issue among all the iPhone users. In this article, you will get to know how to fix iPhone 1970. If you are struggling with your iPhone and seeking for a proper technical support regarding your iPhone issues, then you can connect with the Oniton Support team. Often, users are unable to fix the issue by own and make them even worse. So, don’t panic connect with us and get iPhone related reliable solution.

Reasons and Solutions for iPhone 1970 Bug

Well, the 1970 iPhone bug is associated with the iOS or Unix based Operating System. Actually, Unix time starts from 1st. January 1970. So, the time after the data is stored in the database as seconds. It is found that the iPhone 1970 bug causes system crashing issue with all the date comes before 1970, May.

Well, manually adjusting the date to May 1970 or earlier can restrict your iOS device from turning on after a restart.

  • The quick, as well as the easy fix, is to open your phone and remove the battery. This will preliminarily resolve iPhone 1970 bug and it also protects your data. Actually, this is a very easy job that a repair shop can do for you. But stay alert when you let anyone open your phone. It can probably exclude you from your warranty period. Generally, this procedure will take maximum 5 minutes or less than that.
  • After that, users must go through the Date & Time menu under the Settings option and untick the Set Automatically option. After that, roll the date back to 1st. January 1970, manually.
  • Once the current date is inserted properly, rebooting the device can leave it stuck at the logo of the Apple and even sometimes the full range of the reinstall options may not work properly.

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If you are struggling with your iPhone and looking for a reliable and proper technical support regarding iPhone 1970 bug, then connect with the Oniton Support Team. It is not possible for a normal iPhone user to resolve the issue on their own. So you might need our help, you can connect with us for the easy and instant solution. If you don’t want to stand in a long queue then you can avail of our services, there are different modes available.

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