Resolve Firefox Slow Issue With Hassle-Free Solutions

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. In the Firefox web browser, users can quickly browse the internet at a higher speed. Moreover, it provides advanced online security and privacy features. Apart from that, it is also available for Android. Firefox shows some additional features such as the users can easily synchronize all their bookmarks here.

Additionally, it also provides a backup system in which any user migrates to another mobile or PC. Then, they can easily connect it with their mail account. Along with that, if you use Firefox, then you can easily load all previous searches. Users also prefer this web browser because of its excellent features and multiple add-ons. Firefox is an excellent web browser available for several OS such as Mac, Windows OS, Linux, etc. Although it provides several features, sometimes, it becomes prone to issues, and Firefox running slow is one of them.

So, as we know that no product can show 100% efficiency, similarly, Mozilla Firefox also has some issues. Well, if you are searching for how to fix slow Firefox issue, then don’t panic. Read this article carefully to get the solution without any difficulty.

Fundamental Factors Behind Firefox Slow Issue

There are some primary reasons behind this slow speed of Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Mozilla browser uses too much memory
  • Firefox takes too long time to start up: As the system files are big, so it takes too long time to open the page.
  • Mozilla browser uses resources from CPU: Often, Firefox may need vital CPU resources to display the data content. In this article, we will provide you with the options for fixing the Firefox slow Windows 10.
  • Firefox hangs suddenly: Sometimes, at the time of loading the Mozilla Firefox web page, it freezes.

Probable Reasons Behind Firefox Running Sluggishly

There are several reasons why you are encountering Firefox running slow. Some of the triggers include memory leaking issue, software defects, redundant website data, add-ons, browser cache, improper system configuration, etc.

Old Version of Mozilla Firefox

One of the best things you can do to keep Mozilla Firefox running smoothly is to keep it up to date. Mozilla automatically downloads and installs the latest updates. You can easily resolve this by closing the Mozilla browser once in a while.

Unoptimized Images

Website speeds often decrease because of a large number of uncomputed images. So, uploading big files or copies of large sizes needlessly increases the web page size. This scenario results in Firefox running slow issue.

Generally, the format of the image is another major factor behind the issue. For that reason, the size of your web page will load relatively faster if you are using the images of JPEG format.

Problems With the JavaScript

To add dynamic content to websites, the availability of JavaScript plugins is essential. If not utilized correctly, JavaScript can disable the page of your website which may result in the slow loading speed of your Mozilla browser.

It takes a long time for loading and executing JavaScript. So, if you are using multiple Application Program Interface to provide JavaScript, it can result in a delay at the time of loading the web pages.

Huge Amount of HTTP Requests

If your system has loads of JavaScript and CSS, it can result in too many HTTP requests in your web server. So, when users visit any web page, the browser receives several requests to load individual files, which can reduce the loading speed of the page.

Code Issues

Another leading cause of Firefox running slow issue is unclean code. Several white spaces, inline text formats, and additional blank new lines can make the website content or the web stylesheet increase in size.

How to Resolve Firefox Slow Issue?

Is Firefox running slow? Apply the simple steps given below to resolve the sluggish performance of the browser.

Change the Power Settings

Users mostly encounter this issue in Windows 10. To solve the problem, you can follow the steps provided here:

  1. Press both the Windows Key and S simultaneously and then enter the power settings.
  2. Now, select the Power settings and sleep settings from the menu option.
  3. Then, choose Additional power settings.
  4. After selecting the Power Options, you can see that a window will pop up. Choose the relatively high-Performance profile option.

Shifting to High-Performance mode will drop the charge of your battery faster because of increasing the power consumption, but on the other hand, Mozilla Firefox will work without any system slowdowns.

Change the Theme

According to the users, moving to a different as well as less popular theme will definitely resolve the issues with slow Firefox. Moreover, users reported that using a high contrast theme often resolves all system slowdown problems.

To change the theme, you can apply the given steps:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and select the Menu button at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Now, choose the Add-ons tab which is at the right side of the screen and select the Featured themes option.

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