Getting Dell Hard Drive Not Installed Error? Here Is How To Fix It

When you encounter a situation where you can see that the Dell Hard Drive is not installed with your device, it means your computer fails to recognize the hard drive. In such cases, you encounter an error message showing “Drive not found, press F1 to continue,”. Well, this error can be an indication of a bad BIOS setting or a loose cable. However, you can also get this error due to a corrupted hard drive registry, a boot sector virus or a broken hard drive.

If you are getting frustrated with these kinds of errors, you can consider this article as your troubleshooting guide. So, let’s go through and perform the methods provided.

Fix Error with Dell Hard Drive Not Installed Error

Here are some instant fixes, using which, you can troubleshoot Dell Hard Drive not Installed error quickly. In such cases, try to follow these methods:

Method 1: Press F1

When you encounter this typical error with your device, then the first thing which you can do is to press the F1 key. Sometimes, pressing this key can fix this error. If this method fails, try out the alternative one.

Method 2: Check the Hard Drive Cable

You can also check the hard drive cable to fix this typical error. In that case, you can also disconnect and reconnect the cable and check the status of the error. If it persists, follow the alternative method.

Method 3: make Sure Drive is Not Spinning Out

In case, if the drive fails to receive power or it is receiving an incorrect level of power, then it will spin up. In order to check whether this is the reason, due to which you are getting this error. To check, try to follow these steps:  

  1. At first, you need to open the case of the computer and remove the data cable from the hard drive. It will stop power saving commands to be sent.
  2. After that, you need to turn on the system and check whether the drive is spinning or not. If this case, if you touch the side of the drive and feel a slight vibration or you feel the drive is not spinning, the drive will not start.
  3. In case, if you notice the drive is not spinning then, Connect the drive in a SATA-USB enclosure to overcome this issue.

Still getting this error? Follow the next one.

Method 4: Change your Hard Drive

In case, you are using a broken hard drive, then you can also encounter this error. On that note, try to change the broken hardware. Well, this will be a difficult process for you if you are not a tech savvy person. In such cases, you can contact experts who can help you out.

To Conclude

Throughout this article, experts have provided a complete guide using which you will be able to resolve this error in a quick manner. In case, if you have any further queries related to the steps provided, then you can contact our experts.

On that note, let’s conclude this post here.

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