Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 with Easy Hacks

Sometimes you end up deleting important files permanently by mistake from your computer. Several users of Windows 10 search for the query of how to recover deleted files. But, how many of them can think that it is really possible to perform this activity. So let us ensure you that it is not a big deal to again recover deleted files Windows 10.

However, in this article, you will get some fixes that will help you to recover the deleted files in Windows 10 with ease. First, we want to make our readers familiar with some of the probable factors that can wind up deleting your important files in Windows 10. So, we recommend you to go through the entire article to get rid of this issue in no time. Also, if you stuck in performing any of these steps, you can ask for assistance from Oniton Support team.

Factors that can End up Deleting Files in Windows 10

There are certain cases when you end up losing files other than accidental deletion. A malware attack can be a possible reason for this issue. Also, clearing the Recycle Bin can make you lose your files in Windows 10. Apart from that, removal of a file by Command Prompt includes in this list. Erasing file from external storage drive can also result in this problem.

Further, removal of large files that deviate from Recycle Bin can be another possible reason. Besides, erasing user account from the drive deletes all related files as well. Finally, if “Don’t move deleted files to the Recycle Bin’” is enabled, then files can get erased from Recycle Bin.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files Windows 10

There is a digital data storage installed on every computer. When files are deleted, only the index of the files is removed creating vacant space. Users can still insert new files in that space and overwrite the deleted files. We suggest you try these simple steps to recover deleted files Windows 10.

Tips and Tricks you can Try

  • You can get back the deleted files from Recycle Bin if “Don’t move deleted files to the Recycle Bin” is not enabled. For this, you have to ensure that a cleaner or any similar program is not running in the background. This is because a cleaner can prevent the recovery of files from ‘Recycle Bin’.
  • If you cannot find deleted files from Windows 10, create files with the same name of the lost files. Then, recover files by selecting the option ‘Restore the Previous Version’.
  • You can download a data recovery software for Windows 10 and use it to restore the lost files directly.
  • If you have done a backup of the files, then you can easily recover them from the backup.
  • Windows 10 has got a feature called the File History. You can open the folder of the deleted files and select File History. After that, select Previous, then select the file and click Restore.
  • You can also use a Hard Disk Data Recovery tool to recover lost files.
  • If the data is deleted from the magnetic hard drive, you can scan the hard drive to protect the remaining files. You can even restore the deleted files if they are not overwritten yet. This can be done only when the computer is shut down.

Additional Tips:

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