Ransomware Protection: Things you Need to Know

Ransomware is a specific type of malware which obstructs the victims to access their files. For gaining the access again, the user has to pay the ransom. There are mainly two types of ransomware, namely Encrypting Ransomware and Locker Ransomware. These attacks have become an issue in the present time. A user needs to particularly avail Ransomware Protection to avoid these specific issues.

However, most of the victims are both businesses and home users. Most home users do not back up their data. Neither do they have excellent security services. Also, attackers target businesses for gaining more profits. Ransomware can come up in many ways. Some of the ways they attack are through Spam emails, malware codes attack through the internet, downloading infected software, etc.

Ransomware Protection: A Guide to Stay Safe

Basically, removing Ransomware is not a difficult job. You can avoid ransomware attacks by enabling a good antivirus program into your system. The Antivirus program performs actions such as scanning, detecting and removing the ransomware.

If the Ransomware is an Encryption type, you can detect and remove them. But, if the ransomware is a Lock type, then you need to perform some typical steps to eliminate them. This lock type ransomware shuts down the target computer. You will have three choices to troubleshoot if you have not enabled the Ransomware Protection.

  1. Run an Antivirus program with the help of a bootable disc.
  2. Perform System Restore to a point before which your computer was attacked.
  3. Lastly, reinstall the Windows Operating System.

As a matter of fact, staying protected from ransomware attacks is better than solving the issue.

Efficient Ways to Remove Ransomware from your System

Ransomware attacks can target any system, be it Android, Windows or MacOS. Until you protect your system with good security software, there are chances that your system might be at risk. Perform these steps so as to restore the Windows Operating System.

Windows Operating System

There are lines of versions of Operating Systems. Go through this section of the article to know what to do for different versions of OS.

Windows 7

  • When PC starts the booting process, Press F8.
  • An Advanced Boot Menu will appear, Select Repair Your Computer.
  • Log in with your Windows valid credentials.
  • Lastly, select the System Restore.

Windows 8 and Higher Versions

  • When the PC boots, hold the Shift key.
  • Secondly, Windows Recovery will start up. Choose The option “Troubleshoot.”
  • Select the “Advanced Option.”
  • Choose “System Restore” to Start the process.

In this way, you can enable Ransomware Protection and remove them if affected.

Android Devices

To remove Ransomware from an Android device remove the skeptical apps. You can also try eliminating malware in by rebooting the device. Here’s a step by step guide for removing Ransomware:

Boot the Device in Safe Mode

You have to press and hold the power button until a menu appear. Click on Power Off to turn off the device. After that, a window will appear where you can start the rebooting process. Choose the option to reboot your device. The boot process will begin in effect.

Detect and Uninstall Skeptical Applications

Go to the Application Manager, and remove all the unidentifiable apps. These apps may automatically download and disturb your system.

This is how to avoid Ransomware on an Android device.

Mac Operating System

A ransomware attack is rare on a MacOS. Getting into the Mac system is quite tricky and difficult. Although the attacks may come anytime so here’s how to remove them.

  • Firstly, Restart the Mac device in Safe Mode.
  • Press and hold the Shift Key on the Keyboard and it will start the Safe Boot process.
  • Use an Antivirus Program to remove them.

Always use an Antivirus program to avail Ransomware Protection. Do not allow unknown sources to use your data.

How to Avoid Ransomware Attack?

Here is a list of practical ways to avoid ransomware attacks.

Upgrade to the Latest Operating System:

New updates come with new features. Never ignore Windows update as new anti-malware program and security patches are also installed along with the update. These protect against new malware programs and viruses.

Always Make a Backup:

It is always advised to make a periodic backup to all your data. Ransomware attacks happen unexpectedly. So, for this reason, it is better to have a backup.

Update the Antivirus:

Updating Windows is necessary, at the same time updating an Antivirus Software is also essential. The updates install the new anti-malware program in order to protect against all kind of viruses.

These are the easiest and effective ways to enable the Ransomware Protection.

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