Fix Nvidia no Compatible Hardware Found Error – Quick Hacks

Nvidia is a well-known American technology company, that aims to design the world’s most high-level graphics cards. You get a gaming technology that suits all your purpose from professional markets to gaming objective. Despite its high ending gaming experience. You may encounter an annoying problem. Abruptly, a message depicting, “Nvidia graphics driver cannot find compatible graphics hardware,” may surface.

Go through this article to learn more about Nvidia no compatible hardware found problem. Moreover, you also gain quick hacks, that can resolve the error at the earliest. At the same time, you can appoint the technicians of Oniton Support to look into the matter remotely.

Primary Reasons Generating Nvidia no Compatible Hardware Found Issue

There can be various factors affecting Nvidia no compatible hardware found, and that can lead to abrupt real-time issues. Let us take a glance at a few such essential causes.

  • It can happen while you are working to reinstall the Windows OS as well as the Nvidia Graphics Card Driver immediately after you have joined the Intel HD Graphics.
  • If you have stopped the update process for your Nvidia Graphics Driver, then it can lead to such errors.
  • Whenever you are trying to install the Graphics Driver, it can show you that it is unable to locate the compatible graphics hardware due to some missing files.

Whatever be the circumstances, there is always a solution. You can go to the next section to fix the problem, even if you are an amateur in the technical field.

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Fix Nvidia no Compatible Hardware Found Issue

Now, you can forget working through a lengthy procedure, as there is a guaranteed help that can resolve the Nvidia no compatible hardware found problem. Follow the troubleshoots mentioned below.

Method 1: Check the Graphics Card for Disabled Mode

If your graphics card is disabled, then it will block your access to install the driver. This could be an underlying cause behind the error. To examine the mode, you need to test the Setting in Device Manager. First, go to Device Manager, and locate a small down arrow beside the device icon. Check if it is disabled. Now, all you need to do is right-click on the device icon and ‘Enable’ will be ticked. Finally, restart your PC and then reinstall the driver.

Method 2: Uninstall and Manually Download Nvidia Driver

  • Step 1: Uninstall with DDU Tool

Display Drivers Uninstaller, DDU is a tool that can help you to remove any bad drivers, which were previously installed for your Nvidia GPU. Now, you have to carefully identify the accurate Nvidia drivers. Go to the GeForce website and fix them. First, you need to uninstall Nvidia graphics using DDU. Download the Display Drivers Uninstaller and run the downloaded file. Open DDU from the start menu and select the Nvidia driver from the drop-down menu. Clean the driver by clicking on the ‘Clean’ option. Lastly, restart the system PC.

  • Step 2: Manually Download the Correct Drivers of GeForce

First, go to the official Nvidia Drivers Page. In the manual search section, select graphics card type and graphics card series. Tick the versions of your laptop. Record your system information from the ‘System’ tab. Finally, make sure you have selected the option ‘Recommended/Certified’ drivers. To begin your search, click on the ‘Start Search’ option. Download the first driver that appears on the top of the list. As soon as, the process completes run the file and install your drivers.

Additionally,  in the Nvidia Installation Window, you need to work a clean install by reviewing ‘Perform clean install’ option and reboot system.

If you have worked with these solutions and still continue to receive the Nvidia could not find compatible graphics hardware error, then its high time when you need technical assistance.

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