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The sound system works in Windows only when the audio devices are connected to the system. A speaker icon on the bottom right corner is displayed indicating the Audio Drivers are rightly installed. A red cross mark (x) on the icon shows that there is no response in the audio device. It can happen that even if the audio devices are connected, but there may be no sound on the audio tool. An error message saying “no audio output device is installed” is displayed on the screen.

What Causes No Audio Output Device Is Installed Windows 10

There can be several reasons due to which the audio devices are not responding. In case the device drivers are not updated or the drivers are not installed correctly, then also this error occurs. If the system is infected with a virus, it can work incorrectly. These issues can appear, for which Windows won’t be able to detect the audio devices that are installed. When this problem occurs, Windows fails to detect the drivers.

No Audio Devices Is Installed: Get Easy Fixes

This issue is mainly caused due to fault in the Audio Drivers. Just follow the instructions given below to fix this problem.

Use The System Restore

You can restore the system to a point before which your computer was working fine. Windows creates a restore point whenever you have installed the updates. Go to the Start menu and search for Windows Restore. Restore the system to the point before which your PC or laptop was working fine. This process can take some time, but it will fix for any type of configuration problems that raises this error.

Re-Enable The Audio Device

You can try to re-enable the audio device feature to remove the No audio output device installed issue. In order to do so follow the instructions.


  • Firstly open the Run window by pressing Window and R key together. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the empty field and click on OK.
  • Locate and click on the “Sound, video and game controllers” option.
  • When a pop-up window appears, click on the Enable button.

Run The System File Checker

Another way to solve no audio output device is installed Windows 10 is by running the system file checker. Go to the start menu and type CMD in the search field. From the search result list, click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator. In the Prompt Window, write the command sfc/scannow and press “Enter”. As soon as you enter the command, it will start the scanning process and detect issues on the Drivers and Registry.

Update The Expired Audio Drivers

This issue occurs mostly due to Driver related problems. In case the audio drivers are not up to date then you can update the drivers. You can either use the auto updates or manually download the drivers. Go to the start menu and search for Device Manager. Check the audio drivers if a yellow exclamation mark appears. The yellow exclamation mark indicates the drivers are not up to date. Right-click on the driver and select update button for updating the drivers.


In order to manually download the drivers, you need to visit the manufacturer website and download the audio drivers that are best suited for the device.

Remove The Sound Card And Install A New One

No audio output device is installed error might occur because of faulty hardware. The Sound card can be damaged or not functioning correctly. Install a new Sound card or change one and see if you get the error message again.

Check And Adding A New Audio Device

Try checking the audio devices, and if none are installed you can add a new device. You can check the audio device on Sound, video and game controller option. In case you do not find any audio devices then you can add one. Follow the steps given below to add the audio devices.


  • Open the Device Manager in the Control Panel.
  • After that, you have to go to the option Action, and then click Add Legacy hardware option.
  • Next, click on the Add hardware and thereafter select the option to Search Automatically for updated driver software.
  • Click on the Next option. Here you can manually add the audio devices. After that select the Sound, Video, and game Controllers option and click on Next.


After that, the sound devices will be installed and then you can finish the process and see if the error persists.

Use The Audio Troubleshooter

Windows Operating System has an advanced feature known as Audio Troubleshooter. This feature can detect the issues that are related to audio devices. Follow the step by step guide to fix this issue.


  • Right click on the Sound icon located at the bottom right. In the next step, click on the “Troubleshoot Sound Problem”.
  • The Audio Troubleshooter will scan and check for the problems on the audio device. This might take some time to complete.
  • When the process completes checking if the sound systems are working properly.
  • In case this doesn’t work you open Explore Additional Options to troubleshoot and reinstall the audio drivers.

Check The Windows Audio Services

If you still receive the “no audio output device is installed” message then you can open the Audio Services and fix them. Go to the start menu and type services. Run the Services as Administrator. The Services window will open. Make sure that the Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder services are running set to work automatically.

Reboot The PC

When none of the solution work you can try to reboot the PC. The no audio output device is installed Windows 10 might occur due to the configuration problem. Rebooting the PC will set the configuration to the default setting. After that check, if you receive the error again.


We hope that these solutions will help you to fix the problem and you can continue using the audio services.

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