Resolve Windows 10 Mouse Lag With Quick And Easy Fixes

Well, if you upgrade your system to the current version of Windows 10 and now your mouse quite often lags or freezes, then don’t panic because you are not the only one. Users often report mouse lag Windows 10 issue. But, you don’t have to put up with it forever. If you read this article carefully, then you will definitely know how to fix your mouse freeze issue with step-by-step guidance and crystal clear images of what you need to do. Here, in this article, we have put some solutions in order to get rid of the issue. you can try it.

Reason Behind Mouse Lag Windows 10 Issue

If the mouse pointer on your device is moving intermittently or very slowly, it indicates that your touchpad isn’t working correctly. So, you need to fix the faulty touchpad and fix the issue that is causing the mouse lag problem.


Often, the problem needs some basic fixes. Mouse lag Windows 10 can occur when you skip any necessary steps. As an example, we can say that, if the cursor is not working, you have to check if the touchpad is truly been turned on for your device or not. Furthermore, keep one thing in your mind that the touchpad or your fingers must be clean.


Moreover, there can be several reasons for the wireless mouse not working Windows 10 issue. As an example, outmoded system, corrupted files of the Operating System, power issues, battery error, and USB port not working. Additionally, the user may encounter other problems also along with this bug are:

  • Suddenly, the mouse can start moving oddly.
  • The cursor freezes all time.
  • All the switches of the mouse, stop working with the click.
  • Common and basic settings of your system as well as the mouse can disappear.
  • System drivers are not able to identify the mouse settings along with the device.

Expected Solutions For Windows 10 Mouse Lag Issue

Without wasting any time start with the proper solution for mouse lag Windows 10 and work your way down the list until or unless you find one of them works properly for your issue. So, when you are using your wireless mouse, if it stucks or freeze frequently then surely there are some problems associated with the mouse or with the Operating System.


Go through the article in order to understand the ways to correct the errors related to the USB mouse not working Windows 10 issue. Here are some methods to secure wireless mouse not working Windows 10.

Install The Mouse Again

First, open the device to select the Windows key and the X key from the keyboard concurrently. Then after, select the Device Manager and then scroll until you see the ‘Mouse and other pointing devices’ option.


After that, choose it and go for a driver update. Then, choose the ‘Browse my processor for driver software’ option and then choose from a list of device drivers and uncheck the compatible hardware option. Press the Next and Continue option. Finally, select ‘Yes.’ Reboot the device and then check for the re-installed driver software.


Now, go through a similar procedure and click on the ‘Display Compatible Hardware’ option. Choose the driver and then click Continue. Update the drivers and check till the installation is completed.

Upgrade The System Drivers

If the mouse still declines to work, then try updating the drivers manually. To start with the process, select the manufacturing website and then find the latest version of the drivers. Click on the Update Now option and then continue. Reboot the device after the updating.

Turn Off The Filter Switch

Open the Control Panel by typing ‘cmd’ on the Windows search bar. Choose the Ease Access option inside the Control Panel and then again click on the same choice. Scroll down till you find Keyboard Easy Option and select on that. Untick on the Filter switches and apply the OK option and continue. Restart the device and then check for the working of the mouse.

Impair The Quick Startup

The Fast Startup characteristic is one of the major causes of this difficulty. To solve this error, press on the Windows key and then along with it press on the X key.


Then, select the Power option and then again click on the same. Choose the changed settings and then uncheck that. Save the changes and exit the page. Restart the device after the process completes.

USB And Bluetooth Connected Mouse

Open the device and in that, choose the Start menu. In the search bar type ‘control’ and click on that first option. As the Control Panel opens, then select the View Devices and Printers option below the Hardware and Sound menu and continue. Double tap on that option and select USB Mouse or Keyboard by clicking right on it. Choose on the Properties menu and navigate till you reach the HID Device, snap features.


Now, select the Settings and then click on Changes. After that, select the Power Management menu and untick ‘Allow the network to set off this device to save power’ option. Then, click on the Next and continue option and press on OK. Finally, refresh the system and then restart the machine.


After a pause check if the mouse stuttering Windows 10 issue resolved or not.

Complete The Streamlined Booting Process

To complete the process you can follow the steps:

Clean the cache of your device and also verify if any of the antivirus or pre-installed applications have somehow blocked the working mouse or not. Then, perform a full scan in order to identify the problem. Immediately discard the software which is the main creator behind this mouse lag Windows 10 issue.

Launch The Mouse Again

To launch the mouse again. To do so, press Windows key and then press the R key from the keyboard together. As the dialog bar opens, then in that type ‘devmgmt.msc’ to start the Device Manager. Choose the Mouse option and select the Wireless option by right-clicking on it.


Along with this update procedure the drivers, uncheck on the Show compatible hardware menu. and select the Next and then continue with the process option. Then, reboot the device and hold on the Show consistent hardware option again. Also, pick the correct driver and choose the Yes option. Finally, reboot your machine again.

Check Hardware, Appliances, As well As The Wireless Combinations

Join the mouse receiver to an alternative port and analyze other USB  ports for your device. Now, to monitor the solutions first verify the working of the cell of the invention as well as of the mouse. And if you find that there is a defect with the battery, then change it and check if the problem resolved or not.


After that, try the wireless mouse on another device and control the working. Then, check the device and the mouse and identify the errors again. Secure wireless connection and check the plugs on different machines.


These are the Operations to perform when you are facing Windows 10 mouse freezes issue.

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