Get Experts Assistance On Miracast Windows 10 Not Working Error

Miracast is a wireless connection device which enables mirroring a device’s screen such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets to other devices which can display media such as monitors, TVs & projectors. Miracast is completely independent of the use of USB or HDMI cables. Hence, we can always regard Miracast to be as an ”HDMI over WiFi.” Although Windows 10 have Miracast support built-in the devices, the users often face severe issues like Windows 10 Miracast not working error and further preventing them from working smoothly. If you are encountering similar issues with your Miracast for Windows 10, then go through the article to know the fundamental reasons behind the error and the accurate solutions to fix them.

Reasons Causing Miracast For Windows 10

When you try to connect Miracast to your Windows 10, you may encounter with a message on your computer screen. A message stating “The device doesn’t support Miracast, so you can’t project it wirelessly” will appear on your computer screen. This issue has become a common error that often the Windows 10 users face. The error can cause due to various reasons, a few of the primary reasons are as follows:


  1. If the Windows 10 you are using is an upgrade of Windows 7 or any other earlier version, then your Windows 10 may not have the built-in Miracast support.
  2. The error may also incur if the display or the WiFi drivers malfunction. If you are using a corrupt, faulty, incorrect or an outdated driver.
  3. You may also encounter this issue due to loose connections.
  4. Corrupt BIOS.


If you are unable to figure out the reasons behind the Miracast not available error, connect with the certified professionals and resolve the glitch.

How To Solve Miracast Windows 10 Not Working Issue?

The users frequently faced issues with Miracast for Windows 10. You can try out the following steps to resolve the error instantly.

Method 1 – Check Settings And Configuration

The primary process that you need to perform before jumping on to other complicated solutions is to check the settings. First, check if your Windows 10 is ready to go with Miracast. To set up and use Miracast, perform the following steps:


  1. First, you need to click on the Start menu. Then, in the search box type ‘connect.’
  2. A window will appear on the screen mentioning if your Windows 10 support Miracast. If a message pops up showing that you can connect, perform the next step.
  3. Now, you need to set up the Miracast and your display device. After settings up you need to turn on the display device which you want to project. The display device that you are using might not have the built-in Miracast support, then you need to plug into a Miracast adapter.
  4. Now, on your Windows 10 PC from the keyboard, you need to press the Windows logo key and “I” simultaneously to invoke the Settings window.
  5. When the window appears, click on the Devices option. You will find it in the Bluetooth and other devices section by default. Now, you need to click on the Add Bluetooth or other device option.
  6. Now, click on the Wireless display or dock option. Upon clicking on the option, your device will detect the display device which you have turned on and then you need to click on the display device to project your Windows 10 to it.

Method 2 – Update Display And WiFi Drivers

If the method above-mentioned works properly but still you face the Miracast for Windows 10 not working issue, you need to check the drivers. If you are using an incorrect, corrupt or an outdated display or WiFi drivers, you may face this issue. Therefore, updating them is quite necessary to avoid permanent damage to your device.


You can either update the drivers manually or automatically. To manually update the driver manually you need to visit the manufacturer’s website. In the website search for the most recent and the correct version of the driver. Now, you need to download and install the latest version of the driver.


To update the drivers automatically, you need to first run a full scan on your computer. Scanning the computer will help to detect all the problems with the drivers. Then, if you want to install the correct version of the driver manually click on the Update button.


However, you can also select the Update All option. It will download and install the correct version of the corrupt, outdated or faulty driver automatically. The process will take a few minutes to complete. After the process reboots your system to check if the error persists.


The methods mentioned above will hopefully work for you and fix the Miracast for Windows 10 not working error. However, it is better to take technical assistance from the experts to simplify and fix the error in no time. Taking their guidance will also mitigate the permanent damage of your device.

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