How To Resolve Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk – Easy Hacks

Microsoft is one of the eminent organization that is well known for its efficiency innovation. Despite having such a name worldwide, it is not free from technical glitches. Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk is one such issue that user more often faces. Although it is an effective tool for providing a better experience, recently according to most of the users it has become a basic problem. Moreover, it takes of space of the disk usage. However, there are no certain means to permanently disable the telemetry service.


Having a proper guide on the same can enable you to resolve the problem permanently. So, better than finding solutions here and there, read the article thoroughly. Proceed with the steps given below and resolve the issue in no time.

More About Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Basically, Windows Telemetry contains some useful data such as diagnostic information, system files, or the apps that are used recently.  By having such a module helps in collecting the data and sending it to the Microsoft server. They basically diagnose the existing issue by giving alerts to the users. Although it is user-friendly, occupying a large amount of space is a basic problem with Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk issue

Kind Of Information Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Collects

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 10 High Disk Usage is one of the most irritating issues that you might face with Microsoft. However, it works for some useful purposes but its limitations make it an embarrassing feature for common people. In this part, you are going to get detail descriptions of the type of data it collects and sends.


  1. In every 30 minutes, it sends typed text from the keyboard.
  2. It transmits everything that one speaks to Cortana.
  3. From the computer to the Microsoft, MS script transmits each and every multimedia file.
  4. Have a capacity of sending 35 MB data from Webcam.
  5. Locates what type of hardware one uses.
  6. Carries the information of the device driver.

Easy Hacks To Get Rid Of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 10

Now that you understand the importance of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry, all you need to is apply the steps given below to get rid of issues of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 10. Follow the given protocol properly in the correct order to complete the procedure.

Method 1: Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Using CMD

In order to resolve to fix the Microsoft compatibility telemetry Windows 10 issue, the primitive method that you can try is to disable the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using the CMD. So to perform the act, do follow the steps below:


Firstly type the Windows and the R key simultaneously. You will find that the run box opens. Once the run box opens type “cmd” in the search bar. Do not press the Enter key as you need to open the cmd as administrator. Simultaneously, press the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER key. Inside the cmd admin, type some essential commands.

Method 2:  By Deleting ‘COMPATTELLRUNNER.EXE’ Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

For solving Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk, these proceeding steps will be much useful. So do follow the steps below:


Firstly remember to log in as administrator. In the run dialogue box, type “C: Windows\System32”. Now, press the OK button with the help of the mouse. You will find that a directory box appears. Simply open it and find the file named with “CompatTelRunner.” Enter inside the Properties part of the CompatTelRunner. From the top click the security tab and open the advanced settings. You will find a new Window tab opens and locate the owner tab and click the edit part.


Select the Administrator from the Edit window and save all the changes and click OK. Now, you will have a prompt saying close all the Windows. By this process, you can take the ownership of the file.


This method will definitely solve all the issues Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk. If the problem still exists move on to the next procedure.

METHOD 3: Disable COMPATTELTUNNER.EXE From Task Scheduler

It is very simple to disable the compatteltunner.exe by using the method. Radically, the data administers on Windows Compatibility Telemetry. You won’t have any issue once you disable the option. So in order to disable this executable file, here are some useful guidelines that will help you to sort out the issue.


  • Open the Run box by pressing the Windows and the R key altogether.
  • Now, type taskchd.msc in the run box and click OK.
  • The Task Scheduler Window will inaugurate. Once it opens, click on the icon and maximize to view the whole.
  • Then, open the Microsoft folder at first and then the Windows folder.
  • You will get some tasks by opening the new Windows. Also at the same time locate the Application Experience folder and open it.
  • Now, simply undermine the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser. You will find that there is an automatic turning off of the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry.


Hopefully, these methods are helpful to you. Try out the steps as directed here and you will surely find a solution for the issue you are facing.

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