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The Linksys corporation is one amongst the greatest and the smartest web devices. It sustains the high-end technology which provides the router to recognize either internet connectivity problem as well as the existing database automatically. Though the Linksys device appears with numerous exclusive inbuilt peculiarities, yet it is not free from glitches. One such problem that user faces with Linksys router is Linksys router firmware update.

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How to Update Router Firmware Linksys?

In order to update the Linksys firmware router, do follow some of this important steps. Note to follow each and every step until you get a proper solution and can upgrade Linksys router firmware.

Step 1: Enroll the Product Information

If you have a keen look at the underside of the router, locate and write down the version and model numbers. You will get each and every information on the bottom of the router.

Step 2: Download the Newest Linksys Router Firmware Update

Cruise through the manufacturer main website of the Linksys. Now simply select the model number from the list. If you are facing problem in finding your model number then you can try searching by entering the product information on the search bar. Near center page, scroll down and locate the download tab. Now simply select the hardware version by scrolling the pointer arrow.

Remember to select the first link and it is applicable to all the users including PC and Mac users. Now simply click the OK to save and then simply wait for a while the download completes. Now you can easily access the new firmware and hope the issues get resolved. If the problem persists then move on to the next part.

Step 3: Locate the Default Gateway for Linksys Router on PC

In order to access the router’s web interface, one needs to locate the router’s default gateway. So simply open the search field and type in ‘cmd.’ Also, type in “ip/config/all.” having the command screen open. Now you will definitely get the default gateway on the IP configuration information.

Step 4: Locate the Default Gateway for Linksys Router on Mac

Select system preferences by opening Apple icon that is present on the far left side of the menu bar. Now from the Network menu, select ‘Internet and Wireless’.

In the Network dialogue box, click on the advanced button and open the IP/TCP tab. You can easily find the default gateway address under the Network option. Take a note of the default gateway and ensure to exit from the dialogue box.

The next process is the same as the above one. So do follow the above step and find whether the problem still exists or not. If there is still a case of any problem then move to the next part.

Step 5: Using the Default Gateway to Access Router’s Web Interface

If you want to access the web interface for your Linksys router, then use the default gateway number. Inside the address bar of the Internet browser type in the default gateway address. Either wait for a while or else press enter to immediately direct to the routers web interface.

Step 6: Create a Back-Up of the Router Settings

Select the Configuration Management option from the Administration tab. Now, select up the ‘BackUp’ from the configuration management dialogue box.  Now save all the changes to your hard drive.

Step 7: From the Web, Interface Update the Router Firmware

From the pull-down menu, click the Administration tab and select ‘Upgrade Firmware.’ From the manufacturer, website locates the firmware update file. Get intact with the upgrade option and wait for a while in order to complete the full process.

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