iPhone Emulator for PC Along with its Features and Usage

An emulator is one of the most unique and trusted software that is most effective while running iPhone apps on a PC. Here, the emulator acts as an iOS system that can be easily installed on a PC. There are built to run on one or more operating system. The best part of these emulators is that these are available free of cost and are user-friendly. Besides this, you can also upgrade them with the help of SDK. Therefore, if you want to run the iPhone apps on your Windows PC, you should be aware of the best iPhone emulator Windows. In this article, we are going to discuss the best and most suitable ones that will help you to a great extent.

Top 10 iPhone Emulator for PC

Being a virtual program, emulators are used for creating an iOS environment on Windows so that, iPhone apps can be run on Windows PC. Here are some of the iPhone emulators and their features that you need to know:


It is one of the most exclusive and unique iPhone emulator Windows that is used by developers. Smartface offers some of the most powerful features that will help you to test your App effectively. It is the best choice for App developers for professional purpose. With a new perspective for developing applications on Cross-Platform technologies, it becomes easy to develop iOS apps. On a different screen solution, you can even test the application.


  • It is the best application that acts as an Android and iOS debugger for Windows.
  • Cross-platform development
  • For app development and testing, it is the most recommended software.


Being one of the most popular emulators, the iPadian has a clean interface which just looks like an iPad. It is basically a stimulator that stimulates iOS interface on the PC. You just have to install the iPadian and can start using the apps.


  • Best clean interface that we usually get on an iPad
  • It doesn’t require much power to run
  • Without any clutter, you can easily play games and other Apps
  • If you want to download millions of Apps, it acts like a native app store


This iPhone emulator Windows is generally used for running games and other applications. It does not contain any App development or testing feature. The core function is this emulator is to enable iPhone Apps to run on the PC. It does not require any clutter to load the games on the emulator without any hassle.


  • The power consumption and resource is low
  • It is more functional towards gaming
  • The user interface is simple and sleek


For app testing and development purpose, Appetize is the best emulator. It offers a limited period for free usage. Because of its powerful features, it is widely used to test the apps and is quite easy to use.


  • With the capacity to check the App working, it is lightweight
  • Over the cloud, you can easily develop cross-platform apps
  • It supports all Windows variants

MobiOne Studios

Though this emulator is discontinued still it is used for testing the Apps. You can also use it personally to install the iOS apps. In the case of the development of cross-platform applications that can run the Apps on iPhone and Android, it is the best emulator.  Without any clutter issues, it can successfully run the apps on the PC.


  • Being a powerful emulator, it provides a smooth and more realistic experience
  • It can run most of the Apps fairly smooth
  • It is best for developers in order to test the App using various resolutions and platforms

Air iPhone

This emulator best works on the Adobe Air Framework. It creates a virtual screen on your PC. This can easily resemble with the iPhone screen. To use it, you just have to download it and it will work without any issues.


  • The installation setup is quite simple
  • Runs successfully on Adobe Air.
  • Runs all basic features to provide the feel of iPhone


App.io is one of the best iPhone emulator for Windows which has a vast user-base. It always provides hassle-free installation and free services. Besides this, it can easily be used among many others. It is more suitable for testing cross-platform apps and you can easily play all the iPhone exclusive games without any issue.


  • It comes free of costs
  • Easy setup and simple to use
  • Play games or test Apps


It is one of the most popular Chrome emulators that can save you from the complications that you might face during installation. It is best used for testing old, older and new Apps on the Chrome. Due to its wide range of features for App testing, it has become so popular. In addition, some good substance is also offered for its small size.


  • Although, small in size but doesn’t have download complications.
  • A wide range of test support
  • Simple interface

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

It is one of the coolest game consoles. With this software, you can easily play the Nintendo 3DS. It can run a number of games pretty smoothly and works efficiently without any hassle. 3D and iPhone games can also run here without any issues.


  • For Windows, it is the most trusted gaming console
  • Can run pretty much all the heavy games on your laptop PC.
  • 3D game is best supported

Electric Mobile Studio

For a professional App developer, it is one of the most powerful application. it works for both iPhone and iPad app development, then this Studio is for you. It contributes a lot to the heavy-duty App developers.


  • For app testing, it is all in one emulator
  • Powerful and easy to use

Winding it Up:

We have already discussed the top iOS emulator PC above. This will give you a detailed idea about which one to choose to fulfill your purpose. You can also identify the best testing apps and also run the games on the windows PC. In case if you have any confusion please do post comments below.

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