HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix: Get Troubleshoot Guide

Nowadays, most of the laptops have an LCD screen. HP laptop LCDs are very must sensitive to a fault. The LCD screen is more delicate than magnetic and electric fields such as cell phones, lights, speakers, etc. When some issue arises in the LCD, the screen may reproduce a faint display, flickering, etc. This flickering problem may be due to any software or a hardware glitches. When this issue arises, your LCD screen may keep flickering. If you are searching for HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix, this article is meant for you. Our Support team will solve all your problems.

HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you work on a laptop, screen flickering is very frustrating. This results in decreasing efficiency, distraction, eye strains, headaches, etc. Basically, the screen flickering is caused when the HP LCDs turns older. There may be a need to replace the LCD screen. The problem can happen due to a low charge. Try charging the laptop and see if the screen still flickers.

Disconnect and remove all the connected USB devices. In addition to this, you can also try to restore the Operating System.

If your HP laptop is affected by Viruses or malware, perform a complete system scan and remove them. If you are using an older Operating System, try to update them.

Here are some effective methods for HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix.

Update the Drivers

Sometimes an outdated driver or a faulty graphics card may cause HP Laptop screen flickering issue.

Firstly, check the manufacturer’s website and upgrade the required drivers. If the screen still keeps on flickering, uninstall and reinstall the drivers. Flickering may also occur due to inappropriate power plan. You may also try to restore the default power plan. Go to the Control Panel and search for Power options to edit the power plan. After resetting the settings, restart your Laptop.

Change the Refresh Rate

You can alter the refresh rate to adapt to your LCD. The refresh rate is actually the measure of the number of time that the screen redraws.

To change the refresh rate, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Control panel and open “Screen Resolution.”
  2. Select “Advanced Settings” and after that click on the “Monitor” tab.
  3. Locate “Screen Refresh Rate.” Click on the drop-down menu list. Set a higher refresh rate.

Changing the refresh rate will make HP Laptop Screen Flickering Fix. And you will not face the flickering issues.

Check the Hardware and Screen Position

In case of a portable device, the hardware problems may likely be the reason for screen flickering on LCDs. In addition to this, loose or damaged cable may create a flickering display.

To fix this, you need to open the laptop. If you are not confident to open the computer, you can contact a tech expert. If the HP Laptop is within the warranty period take it to the Service Center for repair. We hope that you will be able to perform HP laptop Screen Flickering Fix.

Check the External Devices

As we have discussed earlier, LCD screen issues may appear due to an external device. electric and magnetic fields may affect the HP LCD display. Keep the cell phones, radio device, Speakers, etc., away from the laptop. Check if the issue is resolved.

Perform Boot in Safe Mode

You can also boot the computer in Safe Mode. Also, check the windows update. Follow these steps to boot in Safe Mode.

  1. Turn on the computer in safe mode.
  2. Go to the Start menu and then choose settings.
  3. Click on the option Update & Security.
  4. Select Recovery.
  5. Navigate to Advanced Startup.
  6. Click on the Restart Now option.
  7. Choose the Troubleshoot from the given option.
  8. After that go to the Startup settings and restart.

This will turn on your laptop in Safe Mode. We hope that you have known all on How To Fix Flickering Screen on HP Laptop?

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