How to Reset Gmail Password? Get Handy Solutions

Nowadays, Gmail is a most widely used emailing service preferred by users across the globe. It is one of the most successful email services that allow you to send and receive emails with a secure passage.  As a user, you must be aware of the fact that you can easily configure Gmail into Outlook account. Though Gmail is the superior web-based email service, however, the problems are inevitable. Often users have a query on- ‘how to reset Gmail password‘ and other login queries.

The password related issues are the most common issues for all Gmail users. If you’ve forgotten your Gmail password and unable to access the emails, then don’t panic. There are several ways through which you can recover your password and reset the same. As the security question is one the recovery options, if you can’t remember the answer you provided during the time of registration it can be an issue. Still, with the help of other recovery options, you’ll be able to access the account with ease.

How to Reset Gmail Password: Easy Troubleshooting Hacks

When a Gmail user forgets the account login password, he/she may require to perform Gmail forgot password reset process as soon as possible. To reset the password, you’ll expect to receive a reset code through alternate email ID or mobile number. Due to verification purpose, you need to provide this information to Google.

Another option is the security question which you may use to recover the Gmail password. Unfortunately, without the security question option, you will have the options of alternate email ID or mobile number left to reset the Gmail password. Google requires the user to complete at least one of these security measures in case of an emergency issue. You can go through the following steps to fix the problem- ‘how to reset Gmail password‘:

Method 1

Go to the ‘Trouble Signing In’ page of your Google account. Or, you may click on the option ‘Forgot Password’ in the login page. Here you have to enter the email and then click ‘Next’. If you’ve forgotten the email, you need to click on the ‘Find my account’ option. With the help of this option, you can find your email account address.

Method 2

When you have found the email address, press ‘Next’. Now you’ll be asked for the last password to enter. If you face problems while remembering the current password, you may try an old password moving to the next step. Again, if you’re unable to recall any old passwords, then click on ‘Try a different question’. You may find it below the large blue ‘Next’ button.

Method 3

If you access your Gmail account through mobile, then Google will send a prompt to your device for authority confirmation. For this, you need to provide a recovery mobile number at the time of account creation. At the time you receive the prompt, tap ‘Yes’ to confirm that it is you and you wish to change your password.

Method 4

If you are not using a mobile device to log in, then again choose the option ‘Try a different question’. In the next page, Google will ask you to send an email containing a verification code to your alternate email ID. Here, the alternate email address comes into use. You’ll be able to see the alternate email ID right above the ‘Send’ option on the page. Using this step you can resolve the problem of ‘how to reset Gmail password‘.

Method 5

If you don’t have any alternate email address, again select ‘Try a different question’ option. Here, it will ask you to mention the month and the year, you have created the  Google account. If you can provide this information correctly, you’ll be able to come to a solution to the password issue.

Alternative Ways by Securing the Account

Once you set a new password, the Google will prompt you for further settings. However, we recommend you to add a phone number and have a backup email for decreasing future problems. Doing this will help you to easily recover the password by an email or text message.

Head to the Google account once you are on the proper Gmail account. Go to My Account from the upper right corner. From the page, click on the option signing into Google. From here you can find out from where your account is being operated and from which location.

If you find something suspicious with your account, then you can secure the account by changing the password or applying some other tricks. Also, we recommend you to set two-factor authentication. You can get an authentication prompt on your smartphone rather than typing the password manually.

So these are the top-notch processes by which you can easily remove the existing error. Even if you are not technically sound, you can easily mitigate all these worries.  

Furthermore, ensure that you are proceeding up with the steps as above. Do not try anything otherwise, it will be difficult to resolve how to reset Gmail password. In conclusion, if this article was helpful enough then leave your feedback in the comment section below. It would be nice to hear back from you.

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