How to Do A Clean Install of Windows 10 – Easy Guide

Many people do not know how to do a clean install of Windows 10. You can get the Windows 10 update or perform the clean install of Windows 10 for improved performance. You can upgrade Windows 10 by checking the updates from the settings. When the Upgrade is in progress, the old files might get deleted. So, you can follow the methods given below to perform the clean installation of Windows OS. But before that, you can back up the important files and data otherwise they might get overwritten by the new Windows Operating System.

Backup Important Data and Files Before Installing Windows

However, it says that Windows Installation will keep in the previous data, but that is not always the case. There have been many cases where the whole data or a part was deleted after the installation. So, backing up the important files and data is advised so that you can recover the data. You can use another Hard drive or Memory drives to store data backup. You can also backup on Windows from System and Security for the lower Windows versions. Now, let us see the step-by-step guide on how to clean install Windows 10.

How to Do A Clean Install Of Windows 10 – Step by Step Guide

Follow the instructions given below to do clean Install Windows. Ensure that you have backed up the previous data or not. If you do not need the previous data you can simply clean install Windows 10.

Prepare the PC for Clean Install Windows

You must have the activation keys of the PC in some cases. If the Windows is bought from the Microsoft then these problems won’t appear. You can check the activation by navigating to Settings and Security update. Also, download the important drivers needed like the network adapters. You should also check that the BIOS and UEFI settings are properly configured to USB or DVD installation process.

Use the Windows Media Creation Tool

You can install the latest Windows 10 Operating System from Media Creation Tool without the use of any third party application.

– Create a bootable drive with Windows Media Creation Tool. After that, select the “Create Installation Media with  USB Flash Drive, DVD, ISO file”.
– Now, you have to select the installation media i.e Pro Edition or Home Edition, according to your convenience.
– Select the system bits- 64 bit or 32 bit depending on your system.
– Now, insert a blank USB Flash device so that, Windows can create a bootable device.
– Install Windows With USB Drive

Follow the next instructions to install the Windows from the USB drive.

– First of all, connect the USB bootable drive to the computer.
– Next, you have to open the settings and go to the Update & Security. Go to Recovery and open Advanced Startup. Now, click on Restart Now button.
– Perform the on-screen instructions for Windows Setup Wizard. Now, click on the next button.
Select Install Now button to start the updates. Click on “I do not have a product key link” and continue.
– Now, you have to click on: Install Advanced Windows Only and follow the instructions.
– Choose the disk where the Windows is currently installed. It will delete the current files. You can later recover them from backup.
– Confirm the Licence agreement, terms, and policies and thereafter start the clean installation Windows 10.

Activate the Windows after you have installed the Windows. Go to the settings and check for updates. The system will let you know if the Windows is up to date.


If you have already updated the Windows and just want to freshly install the Windows again, use the Reset feature. Now, you can insert the hard drive and easily recover the files and data. When you have installed the Windows 10 and start the system, Microsoft will start the Setup page. You need to enter the personal credentials to complete the setup. Create a Microsoft Account or Sign in by using it. You can also set up the Pin for the computer system. Microsoft also offers you to sync with a Mobile device. When you have completed these formalities, Windows will start and you can enjoy the latest Windows 10 version.

We hope that you have now known how to do a clean install of Windows 10.

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