How to Disable Nvidia Surround? Get the Best Possible Methods

Nvidia is popularly known for designing best graphics processing unit (GPU) for gaming and many professional markets. Nvidia provides a Surround tool which makes gaming experience much better for the users. However, at times, the screen turns blue while using this tool. Then there is an only way to fix, by disabling the device. But the question is how to disable Nvidia Surround?  Go through this article to get some easy tips.

Why do you Need to Disable the Nvidia Surround?

Nvidia Surround tool is handy for the gamers. With the help of this tool, you can connect more than one monitor with your system. However, many times Nvidia users face problems due to this tool. In that case, it is better to disable the tool.

Again, many users don’t want to disable the Surround tool because it may cause a poor gaming experience. If the problem frequently occurs in your system, it can damage the whole thing. For your safety, it is essential to know how to disable Nvidia Surround tool.

If you are unaware of the procedure, you can follow this article which will lead you to fix this problem. But in case, you can’t fix the problem on your own; you can contact the Oniton Support experts. We will guide you to overcome the problem.

Learn How to Disable Nvidia Surround Easily?

Nvidia users often face many kinds of issues with this Nvidia Surround tool. For that reason, many users want to know the easy steps on how to disable Nvidia Surround? If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, contact Oniton Support for technical assistance. However, here we are going to describe some easy, useful ways to disable the Nvidia Surround tool in your system.

Disabling the SLI

If you don’t know how to disable Nvidia Surround. First, the most important thing you have to do is disable the SLI. SLI is the Scalable Link Interface, which helps to work smoothly with Nvidia graphics card. In order to complete the procedure, open the Nvidia settings from Control Panel. After that, navigate to SLI settings and right-click on it. Thereafter, a new tab will open from where you can disable SLI.

Disable the Nvidia Surround Directly

Sometimes many users face this Nvidia Surround after following the above step. Then disabling the Surround tool is the only way. Though it may affect the gaming experience in your system. But, if you don’t do this, then it may create more significant problems. For that reason, open the Nvidia Control Panel and find the Nvidia Surround. Then, uncheck the option Span Displays With Surround and select the Apply option.

Uninstall and Reinstall Nvidia

Uninstall the whole Nvidia system file from the system. Sometimes if the files get corrupted, it may prevent to disable the Surround. So, after uninstalling the Nvidia update the Windows 10 drivers. This is another way you can fix the Nvidia Surround won’t disable problem.

Additional Tips

After going through the above-mentioned process, if you are still looking for the answer to “How to disable Nvidia Surround“, then you can try another thing. This Surround graphics card can be fixed by joining two monitors together. It will also create a pleasant gaming atmosphere.

If the process mentioned above doesn’t bring any change to your system, then don’t worry. You can contact Oniton Support for professional help. We are always here to help you out.

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