Know How to Disable Avast Mac Security

Sometimes, antivirus applications like Avast Mac Security block the installation of other drivers and applications. In those scenarios, the users need to disable the Avast Mac Security for a few moments in order to allow the installations process.

Now, if you are facing the same issue on your Mac OS system and want to know How to Disable Avast Mac Security then follow this article. This is because we have provided all the necessary steps to that task here.

How to Disable Avast Mac Security

In order to disable the Avast Mac Security on your Mac OS system, you need to follow the given steps properly.

  1. Open the Search box and type Avast on it. In the result section, you will get the Avast Security option. Click on it and launch the application
  2. In the Avast Security window, click on the Preferences option.
  3. A new tab window will come up on the screen. In that window, you will get three types of Avast Shield options. File System Shield, Mail Shield, and Web Shield.
  4. Now, you need to click on the Disable option for those Shields you want to disable and then feed in the administrator password when the prompt comes up.

Once you have done that, the Avast Mac Security application will get disabled on your Mac OS based system.

We hope that these steps are helpful regarding your queries related to How To Disable Avast Mac. However, if you need more information on this topic or any other tech-related stuff then keep following our upcoming articles.


Does the Avast Mac Security affects the performance of the Mac-OS based system?

In some cases, it does affects the workability and performance of the system.

How do I uninstall Avast Security?

Now, if you want to uninstall the Avast Security from your system then follow the given steps to do that.

  1. Click on the Avast icon and launch its menu bar. There, you will get the Open Avast option. Click on it.
  2. Now, go to the ribbon bar and click on the Avast Security option. This will open up the context menu on the screen. In that menu, you will get the Uninstall Avast option.
  3. After that, click on the Uninstall option in order to start the removal process.

The uninstallation process will take some time to get completed. Once the process is finished, your system will be free of Avast Mac Security.

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