How to Delete Skype Account? Easy Hacks to Resolve

Skype is a software that allows people around the world to stay connected. Its ultra-edging features like group calls, video calls makes it much unique from the other social applications. Moreover, having a paid version enables you to access phone calls and send SMS. Though, it with all of its cutting-edge features, it also has certain limitations. There are many technical glitches that you may encounter with Skype. In this article, you will get to know “how to delete Skype account?” easily.

Although it is too hard to solve, you can take help of the following article in order to resolve. Do not think about the solutions as every method is definitely going to work.

Probable Hindrances you may Get

Here are some of the common issues that you may often encounter if you want to delete Skype account. While deleting Skype account, you may face several hindrances. Therefore, check out the possible solutions by availing our support.

  • Logging in issues
  • Slow Internet connection
  • Internal matters of lagging or freezing

These are some of the standard and fundamental causes that you may face if you want to delete Skype account. Do not panic, as every problem has a solution. You must follow the steps that are given below and solve your problems in no time.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently?

After a hard research, we have come up with advanced solutions and techniques in order to ease you out. Get in touch with the article in order to eradicate the error.  Moreover, specific methods might help you in resolving “how to delete Skype account?”

Method 1: Request an Account Deletion Process

Visit a Skype customer web page and sign in. Now, move ahead by choosing help for the topic. After this click the next option. By any means, try and delete the account. This will help you to remove the account permanently. You can do this by entering the Microsoft page.

Method 2: Removal Process of your Details

It is recommended to remove the personal details as fast as possible. Now, begin the Skype application process and view the created profile. If you are working with an Operating System of Windows, then click the Skype>Profile>Edit your Profile icon. Users with other systems can click the Skype name and edit the profile details. If you are a Mac user, then you need to click the File>Edit Profile icon. The most fundamental step is to remove the personal information. Leave a status message and disable the auto-recharge option.

Method 3: Disabling Paid Skype Subscriptions

Although you may get many features by having a paid version of Skype. However, by any means, you feel like removing the Skype account, follow the following steps:

Log in to the Skype account by opening the official website. Now, directly open the My account option and open the account details. If the auto recharge option is currently active then return to the previous page. This is the most effective way to disable a paid Skype account.

Find out whether there is any subscription by checking the left menu pane. Now follow all the prompts to deactivate totally. Moreover, you can also stop paid subscription by simply removing the payment methods.

These are the three processes that are quite effective in resolving the issue of how to delete Skype account permanently. You can quickly mitigate the problem, even if you are not a technically sound person. Furthermore, ensure that you are proceeding up with the steps as above. Do not try anything otherwise or else it will be difficult to deactivate Skype. In conclusion, if this article was helpful enough then leave your feedback in the comment section

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