How To Connect Two Computers Using Router?

At times, it may appear like a difficult task when you think about how to connect two computers using router. Moreover, if you grasp a precise knowledge of how you can manage your routers, you can use two computers employing a single router. Besides, to make you aware, when you connect two computers to the same router device, it begins to interact with one another with the help of ‘Homegroup.’ With this feature in your Windows Operating System, you can share all your important files as well.

Therefore, if you own two computers and wish to connect them with the same router, you can get the accurate steps in this article. So, we recommend you to have a look at the provided down below.

Step 1: Setup an Ad-Hoc Network

To begin with the process on how to connect two computers using router, you need to set up an ad-hoc network first. Note that the instructions are the same for all Windows Operating Systems. First, you need to open the Control Panel and move to the network sharing option. Next, you need to select the new network option. After that, navigate to the wireless ad-hoc network section and a new page will appear. Now, you will get all the information about the ad-hoc. Besides, it will let you know what network you are connected to at the time. Move and tap on the Next option.

Here, you can customize your network by providing it a name. Besides, you need to select a  security type and set up a security key. There you will get three options to choose from. Note that WPA2-Personal is your default security key. Besides, it is the most powerful among them all the security keys. Now, you have to select the Next option that will directly prompt you to the network setup page.  Also, make sure that you check the Save this network option because when you disconnect from the ad hoc network, it disappears and you will end up losing this page.

Moreover, if you want to go back to the same page, you will need to begin it from scratch. With this, you have come to the end of ad hoc network setup. Now, you can move to the list of available wireless network, and you will be able to find your recently generated network appearing on the list. You can tap on it to connect to the network. Soon you connect to the network, you will get a message that asks you to wait for the user. Next, you will be able to accept new connections and connect two computers to the same network.

Step 2: Share Data Over Ad-Hoc Network

So, now that you are done with the ad-hoc network setup, you can move to the other networks to connect with. Besides, can still notice a blue snipping icon. The blue snipping icon is the indication of an internet connection. Now, you will get multiple ways to share your network to the computers. So, following how to connect two computers using a wireless router, let’s have a look at them.

For the Windows 7 and those users above of this Operating System are capable of using the default homepage feature in their device. This allows the users to share various stuff with ease.

If you are running Windows Operating System but with different clients, then you will need to combine all the devices to the same workgroup. Also, ensure that you have allowed the network discovery.

Following the process of how to connect two computers using a wireless router, If you are using different Operating Systems, then you will be able to share files with restriction only. Besides, ensure that you have your Windows password with you. Only then, you will be able to connect to share data.

Step 3: Setup a Homepage

In the next step of how to connect two computers using router, you can follow this. Setting us a homepage make it much easier to share data between two Windows Operating System. Here, you don’t need to fret about the manual sharing option beacuse it doesn’t require a password either or asks you to configure the firewall. To begin setting up a homepage, you need to move to the Control panel and proceed with Homegroup option.

If your device is already connected to another device with a homepage, it will display here, and you can also join that. Next, need to proceed with creating a homegroup.

Now, on the next screen, you can create a new homegroup to share stuff. Next, you can select from the folders like pictures and proceed with the Next option to move to the next screen.

Now, you need to instruct other devices to repeat the same process and join the same homegroup. Note that you don’t have to generate a new group here.

After that, you need to enter the Explorer and select the homegroup option from the menu. Now, the other devices can join the group and share their files which you will be able to see in the homegroup.

Step 4: Workgroup Sharing

In case you are using mixed Operating System devices, then you won’t be able to run the homegroup option. If you can still find other options, then first, you should try connecting your device from the XP or Vista Operating System to the next higher ones. After that, you have some more stuff to set up on your Windows 7 or higher Operating Systems.

Initially, to follow the process of how to connect two computers using router, you need to set up an ad-hoc network and choose your preferred network type. Here, you will get two options to choose from either home or work. For that, you need to go to the network sharing section and select your preferred network type. Here, you should select Home, and it will let you share the same network with other computers. Another thing you have to look up to is that you all are using the same workgroup. Moreover, the Windows XP and Windows Vista need to put a little more emphasis on the workgroup option so that they could connect to the higher Windows Operating Systems.

To change the workgroup of your Windows XP, you can tap on the Start and move to the My Computer. Next, you need to go to the Properties and proceed with the Computer Name and here you can set up a new name for your workgroup.

For the Windows Vista and that of higher users, they can first go to the Start and tap on the properties. Now, you need to go to the Computer Name and move to the domain section. Next, ap on the Settings option and change your workgroup name.

Now, for the Windows 7 and higher Operating Systems, they can navigate to the Explorer and tap on the Network option. Next, you will get a network discovery option. Move to that and turn on the network discovery to share files.

Step 5: Sharing Between Operating Systems

Now, if you are wondering how to connect two computers using router to share files between Operating System, you can have a look down below. If you want to share from a Windows device to some other Operating System, you need to enable the file sharing option first. So, for the Mac users, they need to move to the System Preferences and proceed with the Sharing option. Here, you can select the files you prefer to share.

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