Close Apps On iPhone X  With Just A Swipe

People usually use the Home button to close apps on iPhone X. While closing the apps completely on your Apple device provides you with a bulk of memory and boosts your applications, the unresponsive applications still remain as an issue. Therefore, if you are coming across any problem with specific applications in your Apple device, you are left with no other options but to force close it.

In the earlier Apple devices, force-closing applications on every iPhone have continued to be alike. The same process continues for the latest iOS devices. You simply need to select the Home button and swipe up on the applications that are not responding to stop it forcefully. But the recent iPhone devices don’t feature a Home button. Hence, it leaves the users wondering how to close apps on iPhone X.

Moreover, in this article, we will be discussing the different ways you can follow to close apps on iPhone X. So, we recommend you to go through this article to find the various methods that will help you to close the unwanted application on your iPhone device. Besides, we will be presenting some reasons why you should close your Apps on the iPhone device.

Why You Should Close Application On Your iPhone Device?

Since a long time, users have been confronting notification stating not to close the applications on iPhone X. Moreover, closing the undesired applications in your iPhone helps to free up much space in the device. Closing such resourceful apps can also improve your device’s speed since you will get plenty of space after closing the app. Moreover, there are many reasons why users decide to close specific applications from their iPhone.

How To Quit Apps On iPhone X?

Now that you know the multiple reasons why some users consider closing specific applications on their iPhone, you can quite the apps that you require no more in your device.

Step 1: Swipe Up And Press Hold

To close apps on iPhone X, first, you need to follow this swipe up and hold process. To begin with, you have to bring up the app switcher. For that, you can swipe up from the bottom section of your phone’s screen. Note that you hold your fingers on your iPhone X split screen. Next, you need to split the second screen and remove it, and then you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Swipe Up Again

Now, in the next step, you need to swipe up on the card of your preferred application that you want to close.

Therefore, we recommend you to implement these two steps to close apps on iPhone X. Other than that, there is another method that you should try. So, you can find that right below.

Bring Up The Application Switcher

So, in the iPhones that come up with a Home button, you can simply press and hold that button, and you will get the app switcher appearing on the top of your device screen. Hence, this is as simple as it is useful. This further displays the multiple applications that are currently running in the background of your device. Moreover, you can jump to any applications to close them or to use them. But, on the iPhone X, you won’t find application switcher the same way. With the different model of the iPhone, your application switcher also changes. Hence, you can find this process slightly unusual.

To close apps on iPhone X with a rather different process, you need to swipe up from the bottom of your device’s screen. For that, you can navigate to the X’s ‘Virtual Home’ button. After that, you will require to swipe up and hold your fingers on the screen so that you can bring the app switcher. Now, you will notice the app switcher appearing on the screen. Here, the application that you are currently using will appear in the first place. Accordingly, the last used apps will be placed in the previous section. Now, you can select the application that you no longer need to run in your device and close it.

Close The Unwanted Applications

After completing the last process, you can press and hold anywhere on your iPhone screen. Then, you will be able to notice a tiny red circle that has a minus sign on it. This sign will be located at the top left side of the application. Here, you can close the apps that you no longer prefer to run in your iPhone device.

To continue closing the application, you need to swipe up the application, and it will close automatically. Besides, you can tap on the tiny red circle to close the app, and it will disappear immediately.

Therefore, we recommend you to implement all these steps on how to close apps on iPhone X to stop the applications that you no longer want to run in your device.

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