An Expert Guide To Block Websites On Chrome

At times, there arises the need for you to block a few websites. It may be among the most famous social networking sites that eat up a large amount of time so that you can devote to your work. Hence, the need to prevent them from inhibiting your productivity calls for the need to know the ways for how to block websites on chrome. In some other instance, you may also need to prevent your child from accessing certain web networks that are not suitable for their age. That scenario also calls for the same action.

No matter whatever the case may be, you can block the unwanted websites on your Chrome browser by following a few simple methods. Here are some of the most effective ways to block the website on your browser. Get a hold of all the steps and see which one works the best to eradicate the issues.

How to Block Websites On Chrome?

To start with, go to the block site extension option on the Chrome and click on “Add to Chrome”.

Select the option saying “Add extension” that will appear as a pop-up box. There you will find an icon on top of the right corner of your Chrome screen. The icon is that of an orange shield with a circle. It again runs along the diagonal line across the middle section.

Now, if you wish to clock a certain website, simply go to that site and click on the same orange shield button on the top section. This will allow you to block the particular site. Try to get the access back from the site and see if the site has been completely blocked for the moment or not. If you are unable to reach the site that means the blocking step worked for the particular site.

Now, if you wish to unblock that site after a while, you will need to do an extra bit of steps. For this, click on the option that says “Edit your list”. It is on the top section of your screen. Hit the right button and it will select the option for Edit block sites list. Once you have reached there, you will find that each of the sites contains a minus (-) icon beside their address. Select the icon and it will let you unblock the selected website to access easily.

Now, the steps to block a website on Chrome is a bit different for Android devices than that of your PC.

How To Block Websites On Chrome For Android?

If you access most of the websites from your Android device, then it will surely make you feel the need to block certain devices for better productivity of your entire day. To do that easily, here are six simple ways that let you block the websites on your Android device browser-

  1. Open Google Play Store and install any third party site blocking apps.
  2. Open the downloaded the site blocking app.
  3. Click “Enable” to allow the app to block websites.
  4. Click “Got it” — this will take you to your Accessibility settings.
  5. Select “BlockSite” and turn the switch from “OFF” to “ON”. Then click “OK” in the pop-up window.
  6. Click the “+” button in the bottom right.
  7. Enter any websites you want to block and click the check mark in the top right.

Now, coming to the iOS devices, Apple also lets you access the Chrome without any hindrance. However, there are certain sites that can possess unnecessary threats. Hence, in order to get rid of them all, you will need to block the websites on your Google Chrome browser.

How To Block Websites On Chrome For iOS Devices?

There are a number of apps in the app store that will help you to block websites on your iOS device. Here are the two primary options with similar functions:

  • Zero Willpower: This app is great to create an elaborate list of the websites that you want to block. You can block them from Safari on your iPhone. Along with that, it also displays a timer that makes you set a specific time interval for which you can block a website.
  • Site Blocker: This is also quite similar to that of Zero Willpower. Site Blocker lets you block away from all the distracting websites. This also lets you prevent the unwanted websites on Safari on an iOS device. Along with that, this includes a timer and suggestions for the site as well. The best thing about this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost.

The above apps are subjected to update. That means they are not the ultimate resolution to make you get the acute remedies for your technical worries.

However, once you have carried out all the above steps, you are all set to get the right solutions to resolve the issue of how to block the websites from your Google Chrome. Hence, try out all of them and it will get you the required results in your specific device.

In case the above solutions do not work quite well, you have the option of seeking our helping hand to resolve the issues. We will get you all the accurate measures that will let you troubleshot the technical glitches in an instant. for that, you will just need to get in touch with us by using any of our contact sources.

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