How to Backup iPhone to Computer: 3 Easiest Ways

iPhones are one of the greatest creation of Apple. The brand always offered the best of technology in its iPhones. Nowadays, you not only use your smartphone to surf the web and stay active in social media but store relevant information in it. Losing those valuable data can cause you real trouble. And here lies the importance of backup. If you are wondering how to backup iPhone to computer, then you are in the right place. We have discussed some effective and secure methods with which you will be able to do the procedure quickly.

So, go through this article and try out the method that is most convenient for you.

Why You Need A Backup

Your iPhone stores all your pictures, videos, music along with your important emails and other documents. You have to pay a hefty price if you end up losing any data. So, a regular backup is of primary importance. Sometimes, installing any new software can cause you a data loss. Also, virus infection can damage your device storage.

Further, at times you can end up losing your iPhone. Whatever the reason is, a backup can be your savior in such instances. Have a look at how to backup iPhone to computer

How to Backup iPhone to Computer

Accordingly, a backup includes not just photos and videos but much more. It covers all your Device Settings, data related to every app, messages, voicemails, ringtones and so on. If you have a backup, then you will be able to access your data from anywhere using a WiFi. Now, there is more than one way to backup iPhone to PC. So, let’s see how to backup iPhone to computer.

Backup Your Data to PC Using iTunes

Before you start to back up your data, make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. Now, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Once you make sure you have the newest version of iTunes, connect your iPhone to your computer. Use the recommended USB cord to avoid any hassle.

Step 2: Now, launch iTunes to set up the backup. For that, open iTunes. There you will find the Device icon. Click on it and then look for “Summary” on the right side. Click on Summary and then go to “This Computer” under the “Automatically Back up” option. Also, check the “Encrypt” box to make sure your password and all other information are backed up properly. All your encrypted backups will store in a Keychain automatically. Create a password to avoid further problem. You will require this password to access the backup files in future.

Step 3: After you are done with all the necessary Settings, backup your iPhone to iTunes. To do so, navigate the cursor to “Manually Backup” and then click on “Backup Now”. Now, the backup procedure will begin. This will take some time depending on your system specification. Also depending on the numbers of files. Click on Done after completion.

This is the simplest and safest procedure for backing up iPhone to computer. In case this method fails to help you out, go for the next one.

How to Backup iPhone to Computer Using iTunes Sync

You can set iTunes on your computer and sync several files easily. These files can be audio, video, text messages, ebooks, audiobooks, and so on. Follow the necessary steps given below to backup iPhone using iTunes sync.

  • At first, connect your iPhone to your PC. Use the USB cord of iPhone given by Apple to avoid any glitches.
  • After that, provide your Apple password and grant your computer the access to your data.
  • Now, open iTunes on your PC and look for “Device” icon. You will find this in the top left side of iTunes window.
  • Then, you will see a list of categories on the left sidebar of that window. From there, select the ones you are willing to sync to your computer.
  • Now, look at the top of the window. There you will see an option saying “Sync Photos”. Check that option.
  • After that, you have to choose where to sync from. Under the “Sync Photos”, you can find an option saying “Copy Photos from”. Click on it and select the folder from which you want to sync. You can also select specific albums or items if you want.
  • This will backup all the files you want. After the process is over, click on “Apply”.

Once you have successfully completed all the steps, check whether the backup is properly done or not. You can view the synced items on the folder you kept them. If this method fails to help you, then try backing up your iPhone using iCloud.

Backup iPhone to PC Using iCloud

The easiest way of backup is via iCloud. iCloud is cloud storage provided by Apple for iOS devices. This is not just the easiest but most convenient as well. Here is how to backup iPhone to computer using iCloud.

Procedure for Automatic Backup

Before you begin the process, make sure iCloud backup is enabled on your device. Now, open Settings of your iPhone and look for Apple ID. You will find it at the top of the screen. From there, find iCloud and tap on it. Under iCloud, you will see an option saying “iCloud Backup”. There will be a switch next to that option. Flip the switch and then click OK.

After you are done with the procedure, iCloud will backup your data in every 24 hours. However, you must have a working internet connection or WiFi for this automatic backup. In case, you don’t want an automatic backup; you can go for the manual one. Follow the procedures given below for backing up your data manually.

Procedure for Manual Backup

To begin the procedure, go to the Settings of your device. Then, find Apple ID and click on it. Now, select iCloud from there and look for “iCloud Backup”. In there, you will see an option saying “Backup Now”. Once you select “Backup Now”, the backup will start. This might take a while. Wait until the procedure is over.

Now, once you have an iCloud backup, you can connect your device to PC and download all the data.

  • Sign in to from your PC.
  • Here, you can access all the data you want, such as music, notes, calendar, etc.
  • Select the ones you wish to store on your computer. Now, copy them and then download on your computer.


Hopefully, the above methods were helpful, and you figured out how to backup iPhone to computer. You can also try to backup your iPhone with your PC using third-party apps. However, these apps are not as secure as iTunes or iCloud. So, it is always better to try out any of the three methods discussed above. If this guide was helpful for you, then feel free leave a positive comment. In case you have any suggestion or query, ask us without any second thought. We are always happy to help.

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