[Fixed] Garmin Express Not Working (Step-By-Step Guide)

Garmin Express is a popular utility that handles the Garmin devices from a common interface. This program is generally used to configure and install important updates for the navigational unit. 

But, in certain situations, the Garmin Express stops working and users can’t use the devices flawlessly. Such kind of errors generally occurs due to incompatibility issues.

To overcome the situation where Garmin Express not working, you can follow the under mentioned dedicated instructions to sort out the problem in no time.

Ways to Overcome When Garmin Express not Working on Windows 10

These are the most effective methods that will help when the Garmin Express not working. However, make sure that you implement the below-discussed methods in the same sequence as instructed.

Fix 1: Re-install Newest Version of Garmin Express

Before proceeding with any critical method, ensure that you have installed the newest version of Garmin Express on your device. Garmin release updates frequently in order to enhance the compatibility of the software. To re-install the Garmin Express, you can follow the underlying instructions.

  • Open the Start menu by tapping on the Start icon. Then, navigate to the Settings window.
  • Once you access the Settings, choose the “Apps and Features” option present at the left pane of the screen.
  • From the appeared list, try to locate the “Garmin Express”. Once you find it, right tap on it and hit the “Install button”.
  • When the confirmation window pops up on the screen, hit the “OK” button.
  • After you uninstall the Garmin Express from your device, go to the official website and install the latest and compatible version.

For this purpose, you can stick to the on-screen instructions. Once the installation process gets over, reboot your device to save the new changes.

Fix 2: Install Garmin Express in Compatibility Mode

If you fail to reinstall Garmin Express, the application may not be supported by the current version of the Operating System you are using.

Step 1: Firstly download the executable setup file to an accessible location. Then, proceed to right tap on the file and choose its “Properties”,

Step 2: Once the Properties window initiates, hit the “Compatibility” tab. From the result window, check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” option. 

Step 3: Afterward, choose the executable from the appeared menu and hit the “Run as Administrator” option. 

Thereafter, install the application by following the further instructions that are displayed on the screen.

Fix 3: Download the latest .NET framework

The .NET files are the most crucial files located at the core of the device. Without these files, various functions do not work correctly. 

In this solution, we suggest you refresh the .NET files manually if Garmin Express not working somehow. Here are the steps that should be executed to download the latest .NET framework.

Step 1: Press the Windows logo along with the R key to initiate the Run window. When the dialog box launches, write “Control” and hit the Enter key. 

Step 2: From the resultant menu, choose the Control Panel and open the window. Tap on the “Programs” option that is located at the bottom of the screen. Under the menu, you will find the “Turn Windows features on or off” option. 

Step 3: On the next screen, a list will appear where all the installed applications and programs will be enlisted. Select the “.NET” applications and uncheck the boxes one by one. Save the new changes by tapping on the Apply as well as the OK button.

Thereafter, re-open the window and check the boxes you unchecked in the earlier steps.

Now, save the changes again and reboot your device.

Fix 4: Install the Pending Updates

A majority of users claim that after installing the pending updates the error gets removed. So, you can also try out this fix to overcome the issue and make Garmin Express work again.

If you are a Windows user, press the Windows logo and S key to initiate the search bar. Now, write “Windows update” and hit the Enter key.

Once you access the Update Settings window, hit the option “Check for Updates” from the resulting menu. As soon as you perform this instruction, Windows will search for the available updates automatically. 

Once you receive a prompt to install the updates, simply choose “Install Now”. After you install all the pending updates, reboot your device to save the new changes.

What if Garmin Express not Working on Mac?

On the other hand, if your Garmin Express not working on Mac, then try to install the pending updates. 

For this purpose, go to the Apple menu and select the “System Preferences”. From the result window, hit the “Check for Updates” button. If updates are available and appear on the screen, then choose the “Install Update” button. 

Once it confirms that your Mac is up to date, try to launch Garmin Express and check if it’s working.

Fix 5: Remove Garmin Express Configuration Files

Garmin Express may also not work if the configuration files saved against the program is damaged or corrupted. On such occasions, you can reset these configuration files and resolve the problem on your own.

  • Launch the Run window and enter “%localappdata%” inside the dialog box, then hit the OK button.
  • When the directory invokes, right tap on the resulting folder and hit the “Delete” or “Remove” button.
  • In case, you come across a UAC window, hit the “Yes” button and proceed further.
  • After you remove the configuration files, reboot your device to apply the new changes.

Thereafter, read the above-mentioned fixes and execute them one by one. We hope, these instructions will resolve the situation when Garmin Express does not work.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What if my Computer does not Recognize the Garmin?

First, remove the GPS and power it down. Then, turn it back again and reconnect the USB into the device. Now, connect the USB cable to the back of the computer. Once you run the software, the GPS will be shown as an external device.

  • How do you Connect a Garmin to the Computer?

Plug the charging port into the device securely. Then insert the USB cable in the port on the computer as well. Hold the touch screen unless you see the home screen.  Now, download and install the Garmin Express software from the official website. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your computer.

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