Can’t Log In To iMessage On Mac? Follow The Thorough Guide To Fix

As per many Mac users, they are complaining about an issue regarding “can’t log in to iMessage on Mac”. The users get “Authentication Error” notification when they open iMessage in their device. Basically, this issue occurs with the MacBook Air models and it blocks the users’ access from viewing their iMessage account.

There are multiple reasons that are responsible for what iMessage stop working. If you are connected with a bad network, then it is pretty much possible that you can face the issue.

Apart from that, third-party applications, an incorrect Apple data center, wrong Apple ID are also the reasons behind the issue. Moreover, users also encounter the problem if their system clock or the “Date and Time” settings are not correct. As a result, it leads to sign in issues as well.

Are you experiencing the same? Do not get worried about that. Here in this article, you will find the most effective methods that are reliable for solving the issue. Keep your eyes on the entire guide.

Fix “Can’t log in to iMessage on Mac” Issue Right Now

If you are searching the troubleshooting methods for the issue, then have a deep look at this section and follow the steps exactly the same as illustrated below.

But, before going to the steps you have to first activate iMessage on your Mac device. Here are the methods of how you can perform this:

  • First, you have to launch the iMessages application on Mac.
  • Now, navigate to the Menu ba. You can find this option at the top of the screen.
  • After that, tap on iMessages and then choose Preferences.
  • Then, move to choose the Accounts tab by clicking on it.
  • Now, navigate to the iMessage account from the left side of the screen.
  • At the final step, get sure that you Enable iMessage option as well.

Confirm the iMessage Apple ID

When you start to use an Apple device, you have to log in to an Apple Account. At that time you are prompted to give permission to activate some of its inbuilt applications such as iMessage. On the other hand, if you do not activate the iMessage, then you may become unable to log in iMessage as well. Follow this below-lines to solve it.

At first, you have to launch the iMessage App on your Mac and then, go to the “Send & Receive” option. After that, tap on the iMessage Account. You can find this icon under the “Send & Receive” option. Now, you have to sign out from the other active account. Then, sign in to your account by giving the proper Apple Account credentials. Finally, check if you are successfully log in your account or not. If not, then move to the next step. If you find any complications while performing the steps, then it will be better for you to get connected with a technician.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings can solve the sign in issue on Mac. Follow the instructions to do so.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to click on Settings. Now, choose the General option. Now, you have to navigate to the Reset option and select the “Reset all”. On doing this, you might fix the issue on your own. Finally, try to sign in on Mac and check if you are still getting the same or not.

Check Date and Time

First of all, launch the menu of your Mac device and then navigate to the System Preference option. Now, tap on the Date and Time icon for adjusting the settings. Now, you need to be sure that the time and date is matching with the current zone. But if not, then set it properly. Here, you can find an option to set it automatically. And to do this switch the Set Automatically slider on from the Date & Time menu.

By implementing this method, the time and date will automatically get fixed via a WiFi network connection. Now, try to log in your iMessage on <ac and check if the problem gets solved or not.

Delete Some Messages

This method is also helpful if you want to delete some messages from your iMessage. If your account consists of excessive message s then you might face problems while you are going to sign in your account on Mac. On such situation deleting some messages can help you to solve the problem.

For deleting messages, first, you have to open the iMessage. Then navigate to the Delete option. After that, select the messages you want to remove from iMessage. Then, tap on the Edit button and delete the messages.

Now, move to the Settings option and then, select “Keep Messages” option to keep safe your messages. You can notice multiple options there. Choose one of the options. By choosing this option you will not lose any important messages from iMessage.

Hopefully, you will get rid of the “can’t log in to iMessage on Mac” issue. But, it is recommended to delete the old version of iMessage from your device and install the latest version of it. When at the solutions fails to resolve your doubts, then consult with the experts to fix the issue. They can give you the most efficient solutions by hearing your exact problem.

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