Excellent Hacks To Resolve Youtube Not Working On Chrome

Youtube is a free video sharing website where you can watch, share and upload videos. Despite it provides excellent features, you may often encounter several severe issues with Youtube like Youtube not working on Chrome. The error causes due to flaws with the Chrome web browser you are using.

If you are a victim of the same glitch, you are in the right place. Go through the article to know the fundamental reasons behind the error and the accurate solutions to resolve them instantly.

What Causes Youtube Not Working On Chrome?

The Youtube not loading properly Chrome error is often reported by the users. It can occur due to various reasons, a few of which are as follows:

  1. Configuration errors with Chrome web browser.
  2. Cache Memory related issues
  3. The extension can also cause the error.
  4. A faulty or a corrupt driver might also cause the failure.

However, if you are unable to figure out the reasons causing such error, connect with us.

Effective Ways To Troubleshoot Youtube Not Loading On Chrome

If you do not consider yourself tech-savvy, here we have provided a few easy yet practical solutions. Perform the following methods to get rid of the Youtube not loading properly Chrome error.

Method 1: Close Chrome Using Task Manager

The primary procedure that you need to perform to fix the Youtube not working on Chrome issue is to force close of the Chrome browser and restart it. In case you are not sure how to quit Chrome using Task Manager, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Start and then open Control Panel.
  2. Now, type in Task Manager in the search box. Then click on the View running processes with Task Manager option.
  3. From the list of tasks, select the Chrome and click on the End Task option.
  4. Lastly, restart Chrome and then check if the issue resolved.

Method 2: Configure Settings in Chrome

The issue may also occur due to a misconfiguration in the Chrome web browser. Visit the Chrome settings and then uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”. The following steps will help you to alter the settings:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser.
  2. Now, at the upper right corner of the screen, you have to click on the More and then choose Settings.
  3. Then click on the Show Advanced Settings from the bottom of the screen.
  4. Uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option after you go to the System section.
  5. Lastly, restart Chrome and then check if the issue persists.

Method 3: Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache will also help you to resolve the Youtube not working on Chrome error. If you do not know the ways to remove the saved cache, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Chrome web browser.
  • Now, click on More Tools and then Clear browsing data.
  • Then you should make sure to tick the checkbox beside the Cookies and other site and plug-in-data and the cached images and files option.
  • Now click on the Clear Browsing data and then restart Chrome to check if the issue fixes.

Method 4: Disable the Extension

Furthermore, the Youtube not loading on Chrome error can also incur due to the extensions, hence, try to disable them one at a time which will help you to find out the one that is causing the error. To disable the extensions, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings in the Chrome web browser.
  2. Now next to the extension you need to uncheck the box next to the Enable option. It will help you to temporarily disable the extension. Moreover, if you want to uninstall the extension, then you need to click on Remove to delete the plugin.
  3. Now check if Youtube works.

Method 5: Uninstall And Reinstall Chrome

You can uninstall and then again reinstall the Chrome web browser which you are using to resolve the Youtube not loading on Chrome error. Make sure to export the bookmarks before you uninstall the Chrome browser. To uninstall Chrome, click on Start and then open Control Panel. Upon opening the Control Panel choose the application that you want to uninstall. Finally, select Uninstall option. Then, after a few seconds, reinstall Chrome and import the Chrome bookmarks again.

Method 6: Update The Video Drivers

The Youtube not working on Chrome issue can also be caused due to a faulty, incompatible or a corrupt video driver. Updating the driver removes the bugs providing the user with smooth functioning. You can update the video driver both manually and automatically.

To download the video drivers manually, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the correct driver compatible with your device. However, you can also update the missing, faulty or corrupted driver automatically.

For automatic updates, run a full scan on your device to detect the problems with the driver.  Now, you need to click on the Update which is beside the flagged graphics driver. Now, download the correct version of this driver automatically and install it manually.

Alternatively, you can also click on the Update All option which will automatically download and install the correct version of the driver. Make sure that the driver is compatible with your system.

Youtube Not Working On Chrome – Connect to Us

If none of the methods mentioned above help you to solve Youtube not working on Chrome, do not worry. You can always connect with Oniton Support professionals to get easy fixes regarding the issue you are currently encountering with Youtube. The certified experts are always available to assist their valuable customers with accurate solutions.

You can call us at the Helpline number and speak to the experts. You can also drop an email at our registered email ID. Furthermore, you can also avail our Live Chat Portal and chat with the engineers.

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