How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87dd0004

You can get the error 0x87dd0004 on the Xbox console if there is a problem during the sign-in process. The full message that comes when you get this problem is as follows:

“We couldn’t sign you in. Try again in a few minutes”.

If the service of the Xbox Live gets disrupted somehow, then there is a possibility for you to face this problem.

Also, if the security information gets corrupt, then you can meet with this issue. If the Xbox Live profile has some kind of glitch, then you might encounter this issue. Further, if there is some internal problem within the Xbox console, then also this issue can come up.

Moreover, if the internet connection has some kind of problem, then there is a chance for you to face this issue. To get the effective fixes for this issue, all you have to do read this article fully and then apply the solutions provided below.

Effective Fixes to Solve the 0x87dd0004 Error

In this section of the article, we will discuss a plethora of methods that will help you in fixing the error code 0x87dd0004 on your Xbox console.

#1 Check the Internet Connection and Test it within Xbox Console

If the internet connection is slow, then there is a high probability of encountering this issue. The only answer to resolve this problem is to reboot the router and then test the network via the Xbox console.

In order to that, you will have to go through the following steps:

  • First, press the ‘Power’ at the back of the router to turn it off.
  • Then, remove the ‘Power’ cable of the router from the wall socket and also take out the LAN or Ethernet wire. Then, wait for a few minutes or so.
  • After that, put back the ‘LAN’ cable at the back of the router and then plugin the ‘Power’ wire into the wall socket.
  • Next, switch on the router and check the ‘Network’ LED.
  • If there is a network connection available, test the internet on the Xbox One console. To do that, follow the substeps below.
    • On the controller of the console, locate and then press the ‘X’ button. This will launch the Guide.
    • Next, when a new page with the name ‘Guide’ comes up, locate and choose the ‘Settings’ option.
    • Once another new page appears having a name ‘Settings’ comes up, find and select the ‘All Settings’ option.
    • From the ‘All Settings’ page, select the ‘Network’ option. Now, in the ‘Network’ page, click on the ‘Network Settings’ option.
    • Then, within the ‘Network Settings’ page, locate and then tap on the ‘Test Network Connection’ option.
  • At last, after testing the network connection is complete, try to sign-in to the Xbox console.

#2 Security Information Verification

If the security information within the Xbox console is not correctly set, then you can face the Xbox error code 0x87dd0004. Now, the correct solution to rectify this problem is to verify the security information.

Here are the steps that you can follow.

  • First, sign-in to the computer using your Microsoft account.
  • After that, press the ‘Windows + I’ keys simultaneously to open the ‘Settings’ window. Inside that window, there will be various settings categories specific to the Windows OS, which you can use at your will.
  • Now, from that window, choose the ‘Update & Security’ option. Now, a new page will come up, in it, navigate to the left pane and then choose the ‘Security & Privacy’ option.
  • Next, from the right pane of that page only, locate and then choose the ‘More security settings’ link.
  • A new page with all the security information of the Microsoft account will come up. In it, check the ‘email’, ‘alternate email’, ‘phone number’.
  • Now, choose the ‘Payment & Billing’ option. After that, select the ‘Billing Info.’. Next, inspect the information like ‘billing address’, ‘account payment details’ and etc.
  • Now locate and choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option. Then, if there is any wrong information, choose the ‘update your billing information’
  • Sign out from the Microsoft account.
  • Finally, try to ‘Sign-in’ to Xbox Live on the console.

#3 Delete the Profile of Xbox Live 

If the Xbox Live profile has some corrupted data within it, then you get the 0x87dd0004 error. The one and only solution to resolve this issue is to delete the Xbox Live profile. You can follow the steps provided below.

  • First, press the ‘Xbox’ button on the controller of the console to launch the ‘Guide’ page.
  • Next, within the ‘Guide’ page, navigate to the ‘Settings’ option and then select the same.
  • This action will launch a new page with the name ‘Settings’. Within that page, locate and then select the ‘All Settings’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, another page having the title ‘All Settings’ will appear, in it, find and then choose the ‘Account’ option.
  • Once the ‘Accounts’ page shows up, locate and tap on the ‘Remove Accounts’ button. After that, from the list of all the available accounts, choose the one that you want to delete.
  • At last, tap on the ‘Remove’ button to confirm the deletion process.

#4 Power Cycle the Xbox One Console 

You can easily resolve the 0x87dd0004 if you perform a power cycle process on the Xbox console. The steps on how to do it are as follows.

  • First, navigate to the ‘Home’ screen.
  • Next, press the ‘X’ button present on the controller of the console to open the ‘Guide’.
  • Now, within the page with the name ‘Guide’, locate and then click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a page with the name ‘Settings’ will come up, where navigate to the ‘Power & startup’ section.
  • Under that section, choose the ‘Turn Xbox Off’ button. Now, a prompt will come up, in it, choose the ‘Yes’ button to confirm the action.
  • At last, press the ‘Power’ button on to startup the Xbox console then try to sign-in and see if this issue is fixed or not.

#5 Create a New Xbox Live Account

To fix the issue 0x87dd0004 on the Xbox One console you need to make a new account. To do it, you will have to follow the steps below.

  • First, start up the Xbox One by press the ‘Power’ button present to the right side of the device.
  • Next, move the left analog stick on the controller to the left, in order to launch the sidebar when you are on the ‘Home’ screen.
  • Now, go to the top-left edge of the screen and then highlight the ‘Sign-in’ button. After that, tap the ‘A’ button on the controller to open the user menu.
  • Then, in that menu, navigate to the left and then choose the ‘Add new’ button by tapping the ‘A’. After that, to select other option on the page hit ‘B’ and then move to the bottom of the screen and highlight the ‘Get a new account’ option and press ‘A’.
  • Now, input all the credentials on the correct fields and press ‘A’ and then ‘three vertical lines’ respectively.
  • Navigate to the upper-right edge of the screen, highlight ‘Next’ and press the ‘A’ button. Next, input the phone number and the press the ‘three vertical lines’ to save it.
  • At last, to create the account, choose ‘I accept’ and tap the ‘A’ button.

#6 Inspect the Service Status of Xbox Live

Sometimes, if the service status of Xbox Live is not functional, then you can face this problem. Now, the best answer to resolve this issue is to wait patiently until the service status is back and running once again.

In order to identify if the service status is running or not, check if the color is green or not.

Wrapping up

You can mitigate the Xbox one error code 0x87dd0004 easily if you follow the methods given in this article very carefully. So, go through and apply them one by one to fix this error by yourself.

However, if the fixes do not work and you are still stuck with this error on your Xbox console, then do not panic at all.

Just, provide every detail of the problem that you are facing in the comment section below and get an immediate solution from an expert.

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