A Comprehensive Guide To Fix The Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B

Xbox Live Error Code 8015402b

Xbox Live is a well-known multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service. If you are stuck with the Xbox Live Error Code 8015402b while using the service and researching the methods of how to resolve this error, then you can check out this article. Many of the users are also getting the same problem.

Xbox Live error code 8015402B can be easily resolved with the help of some simple tricks and you can learn them from the below section of this article. So, it is advised to go through this article thoroughly and till the end. The error message 8015402B appears on the Xbox Live window as “Sorry, this action can’t be performed at this time. Try again later. Visit the official site for more information.”

What Causes Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B?

There are several factors that might be responsible for the Xbox Live error code 8015402B and they are as follows:

  • Non-Microsoft Email Address Settings Issue
  • Excess System Cache Files
  • No Microsoft Permission Email Account

No matter whatever be the cause, the overall guiding methods of this article will help you to fix this error code 8015402B glitch efficiently. So, check out the methods thoroughly and sincerely without escaping a step.

Fix Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B with Expert Tricks:

These below are the expert’s tricks to fix the Xbox Live error code 8015402B. So, read out them one-by-one and try the methods as explained below, until you get rid of this problem.

Fixed Xbox Live Error Code 8015402B By Verifying your Non-Microsoft Email Address

Firstly, you need to proceed with the below steps to resolve the error code 8015402B. You need to follow the “Verifying Your non-Microsoft Email Address” method.

Generally, at the time of creating an email service account, you get a section where you have to agree with the Microsoft accessibility terms and conditions. You must agree to it for avoiding the error code 8015402B while using the Xbox console. In case, if you forgot to do that, then nothing to worry about because you can do it later as well. But for that, you need to add extra effort. So, it is advised to agree with the Microsoft terms and conditions during creating an email account.

For the second time, when you try to access your Xbox account, if Microsoft denies the service, and generates the error code 8015402B instead, then you need to click on the “Resend email” option from the window. After clicking on Reset email, a mail will be sent to your email account to guide you with the further steps to agree with the Microsoft terms and conditions.

To check the guidelines from Microsoft, you need to login into your email service first. Then check the inbox of your account to read the email. In rare cases, you might also need to open the all-mail section to get the email and learn further steps to proceed with.

Now, follow the further instructions as explained in the Microsoft send email to get the Xbox error code 8015402B matter resolved. In case, after following the above steps if the matter is still not resolved, then try the further method as stated below.

Create an Outlook Account

Many times, you need to create an Outlook account to fix the error code 8015402b. And the steps to proceed with this method are as explained below. So, check the steps thoroughly before you try it. This will saves your time in following the process.

  • At first, open up the Xbox application.
  • After that, click on the Social section from the Menu bar.
  • Now, from the next window, click on “Join the fun”, that you will get under the Xbox Live section.
  • Then, on the window, you will get the Sign up option, click on it to proceed further.
  • On the Sign-up window, you need to fill up the section with valid information to create an account.
  • Now, hopefully, you will find that the error code 8015402B gets resolved.

All these are the complete workarounds to follow to fix the Xbox Live error code 8015402B. Hopefully, like all the other users, you will also eradicate the error code efficiently by following the above-explained methods.

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