Troubleshoot “Scan to Computer is no Longer Activated” Technically

Scan to Computer is no Longer Activated Windows 10

Recently, many users are facing printer errors during the scanning process. Therefore, you may encounter issues such as, “Scan to computer is no longer activated.” Hence, you won’t be able to work with that printer anymore without fixing the issue. Go through this article to fix this “scan to computer is no longer activated Windows 10 network connection has been lost” difficulty easily.

Scan to Computer is no Longer Activated- Standard Issues

While you connect to a new wireless printer, then a scanning issue is quite common to every user. Though your system works fine, after getting connected with the printer it becomes unresponsive. Moreover, if you are trying to take an output, it shows an unexpected error, “Unable to print, Device error!”.

‘Printer settings configuration error’ is one of the major issues for creating printer scanning issues.

Many times, your device will display “Scanning Device is not found”  after connecting the printer with your system. Therefore, your printer won’t be able to work.

Sometimes, you will get an error at the intermediate time of printing or scanning. Then, your device will show an error, “Scan Unsuccessful”. You may get some of the blank pages as outputs. Failure of the device manager or the task manager is responsible for making printing hazards.

Solutions for Scanning Error- Easy Troubleshooting Methods

Method 1: Recheck Connection

If an error pops up at the time of switching the printer on, then first check the connection between your system and the printer.

If you are using a wireless router to establish the connection, then check whether the printer is connected with your own network or not. Moreover, verify the status of the Wifi signal, if you see the signal is weak, then contact your ISP to get a smooth wireless connection.

In case of the Wired network, you have to check the USB port along with the cable. A damaged port or a defective cable becomes a barrier in creating the printer problem. So, repair the port or change the cable immediately to fix the issue.

Method 2: Re-Install Printer Driver

First, press Windows + X from the keyboard and open the Quick Access menu. Now, choose the option, “Device Manager” to open the Device Manager window.

After that, you will get a list of the entire installed devices, select the “Print Queues” catalog from the list. Here, you will get the list of the printers which you are using. Now, choose the right one and right-click on it to select the printer software and click on “Uninstall Device” to uninstall it.

Finally, restart your system and re-install the driver software from the genuine resource.

Method 3: Turn Off “Scan to Computer”

Tap on “Printer” icon and double-click on it to open. Here, you will get multiple tabs. Now, choose the tab, “Print, Scan, and Fax” from the upper section of that window.

Secondly, you have to choose the sub-menu “Manage Scan To Computer” under the scanning menu. Then, tap on the button, “Disable” and remove the tick from the checkbox of “Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log on to Windows“.

At last, close the window and check whether the notification pops up again or not. If it persists, reboot the Windows and verify the issue.

Method 4: Update Scanner Driver

Open the Run dialog box by hitting the keys Windows +R from the keyboard. Then, you have to write “devmgmt.mscand stroke Enter to open the Device Manager window.

After that, select the “Printer Queues” from the hardware list and select your scanner model. Therefore, right-click on that option and tap on “Update Driver” to update.

Wait until the driver software is installed completely and don’t turn off your system during the updating process.

Method 5: Using of Power Cycling Process

First, switch off your system and turn off your printer. After that, turn off both of the devices, take out the power cord of both of the printer and device.

Now, wait for 10-12 minutes before plugging in and restart your system. Check whether the problem goes away or not.

Method 6: Modify Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously and open the Task Manager. Now, find out the option, “scanToPCActivationApp” under the tab “Process” and right-click on it.

After that, choose “End Task” to end the process. Then, tap on the tab “Startup” under the same option, “scanToPCActivationApp” and right-click on it. Here, you have to choose the option, “Disable”.

Finally, restart your system and check whether the “scan to computer is no longer activated Windows 10” persists or not.

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