Printer Installation Failed Error 0x00000643 – Get Easy Solutions

Printer Installation Failed Error 0x00000643

Error code 0x00000643 is a Windows Vista printer error. If your system is not well configured, then this issue can come up. Also, it also happens when you want the Plug & Play service to install a WSD printer on your System. At the time of the error, a pop-up is generated by the system on the screen as printer installation failed error 0x00000643.

This article contains the data that shows you the error both manually and automatically. Moreover, this article will help you to troubleshoot the error code efficiently.

Printer Installation Failed Error 0x00000643 – Reasons

Error Code 0x00000643 is in Hexadecimal format. It can also happen if the printer installation is not done properly. There could be many other reasons for this issue as well. On the other hand, one of the most common issues with almost all printers is driver incompatibility. As an output, you will get fail to install issue. Nowadays, all the Operating System comes with the updated driver features.

When you try to install the printer-related setup for the first time, more precisely, when you try to connect the printer to the computer, you can face such an issue. But to be specific, here we are listing some of the most common factors that could be the reason behind the annoying issue.

Incorrect Driver Installation

If you do not install the printer driver properly then it may cause printer installation error 0x00000643.

Security Programs

This problem can also occur if the security programs, e.g., Antivirus is not allowing the installation process.

Faulty Registry Files

If there is any fault in system registry files, then it generates printer installation failed error 0x00000643.

Old Setup Files

If your setup files are too old then also it may result in printer installation failed error 0x00000643.

In addition, the major factor behind printer installation failed error 0x00000643 is the firewall. When you try to install security software on your computer, it requires permission to complete the procedure. Sometimes it may block the installation process considering it as a threat.

Preferable Solutions for Error 0x00000643

Virus infection plays a large role in such error. If the issue is not clear to you, then directly you should go for a full virus scan. Find the threat and then remove them from your system, then try the install it again, we can assure you should not face this problem anymore.

You have to keep one thing in your mind that you have basic IT knowledge. Without having basic knowledge, you are not able to solve the issue. It may damage your system.

  • First, Restart your printer in safe mode and enable the network option.
  • Remove all the stored files and folders from the system.
  • Then, you need to open the Registry Files. To do so, visit the Run window and then type Regedit. Now, hit enter to directly go to the System Registry Files.
  • Then, find the key Registry Files and expand the version X subkey.  Finally, delete all the printer-related files and drivers installed on the registry.
  • After that, you should check whether the print spooler is properly running or not. Also, keep one thing in your mind that you have set the print spooler service in automatic mode. Once the service starts working, reboot your computer.

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