Get Instant Solution Regarding Nvidia HDMI Output not Plugged in Issue

The term HDMI stands for High Definition Multiple Interface. Generally, HDMI presents an interface between any audio or video source, e.g., a set-top box, DVD player across a single cable. Connecting a system to an HD Television is very much complicated. Sometimes, the connection is established correctly which causes Nvidia HDMI Output not Plugged in issue.

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Probable Reasons Behind Nvidia HDMI Output not Plugged In Issue

The error may occur due to several reasons. Some of them are:

Old Sound Card

If the sound card is too old or outdated sound card may cause the issue.

Improper Sound Card Installation

Sound Card is a vital thing in Nvidia. If the user does not correctly install, then it may cause Nvidia HDMI output not plugged in issue.

HDMI is not Set Properly as a Default Device

There are many questions regarding Nvidia HDMI settings. This is a pervasive issue. If the users are not able to set it correctly, then it can create sound problems also.

Hardware Problems

If your hardware is not compatible with your system, then it may cause several issues related to Nvidia.

Efficient Procedures to Fix the Nvidia HDMI Output not Plugged in Windows 10 Issues

If you are fighting with the Nvidia HDMI output not plugged in error, then connect with the experts of Oniton Support and get easy ways to fix the problems. Alternatively, if you go through the article thoroughly, then you will get the tips to resolve the issues.

Upgrade the Sound Driver Both Manually and Automatically

The initial and most fundamental step is to check the sound driver. If you are using an outmoded or a corrupted sound driver then you are likely to face this issue. Additionally, a missing driver can also cause this issue. Therefore, keep one thing in your mind that update the driver to its newest version. You can update the driver both in the manual and automatic way.

Manually you can upgrade the sound drivers of your system. You need to open the website of the manufacturer and seek for the newest as well as the correct version of the sound driver for your system.

Note: The driver must fit with the Windows version that you are presently using.

Even, you can also update the sound driver automatically also. To do so, perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, Perform a full scan on our system. If you do so, then it will identify the errors and the faulty driver.
  • Secondly, choose Update option and it will automatically download as well as install the exact version of the driver.

Improper Sound Card Installation

If the sound card is not correctly installed, then you may also find Nvidia HDMI Output not Plugged In issue. To complete the installation of the sound card you need to implement the following steps:

  • Place the PCI slots in a proper position because the sound card installation process is done here.
  • Then, remove all the current sound cards. After some time install the card correctly.
  • Finally, restart your device.

Place HDMI as a Default Device

There is another reason behind why this issue occurs is when the HDMI will set as the default device. If you want a proper solution then you need to perform the following steps:

  • First, Right-click on the volume option and you can see the Context Menu will pop up on the screen of your system.
  • Now, select the HDMI option and then hit the Set Default option and tap on OK button.
  • Finally, you can see that the HDMI sound output will set as the default device.

Verify Whether the Hardware is Fine or Not

If the hardware is damaged or broken then also it results in Nvidia HDMI output not plugged in issue. If the steps discussed above do not help you, then you can check whether the hardware is working properly or not.

  • The problem may be with cables. In that case, use alternative cable and check if the issue is still staying in your system.
  • After that, the output port might also fail. The system that you are using currently might have multiple HDMI ports. So, try different ports and check if the problem is still staying or not.
  • Now, make sure that if the volume is muted. Now, connect the monitor with another system to verify if the monitor is properly working.

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