Fix Nvidia Error Code 43: Some Easy Tips and Tricks

Nvidia is an international company which produces computer chips. This Nvidia technology allows all the gamers to record and share their most crucial gaming gatherings when they are playing their favorite computer games. It is also a leader in GPU designing in the present gaming market. Nvidia Share is an application which records screen which accelerates the hardware components of the system. Often, users report that they face an error message like, Nvidia error code 43. Whatever may be the situation, there are some easy ways there to fix this error instantly.

Nvidia code 43 Error is a universal message which indicates that there is a problem with the hardware or software in the Windows Operating System. The error message often associated with the Device Manager of the system. If you face any other impacts on Nvidia that directly correlates to Nvidia error code 43, then contact the Oniton Support team immediately and get on-time service without any delay.

Probable Reasons for Nvidia Error Code 43

We have already discussed that the main reason behind the error message is if there is a problem with the hardware and the software. Other than that there are many more reasons behind this error are as follows.

Outdated Graphics Card

If the components are too old or if the graphics driver is not updated, then the issue may occur. The system is not compatible with the old graphics driver so it generates Nvidia error code 43.

Outdated BIOS and Windows

BIOS is nothing but the Basic Input and Output System. It manages the flow of data between the computer’s Operating System and the external hard disk attached to it. On the other hand, if you do not update your Windows version then it can also cause Nvidia error code 43.

Power Supply Issue

In this particular scenario, check whether your system power supply meets the minimum supported power requirement for your Nvidia graphics card or not. If the power supply is not proper or if the battery percentage is more than the limit then it may harm the graphics card, which can result in Nvidia error code 43.

Faulty Graphics Card

There are basically some symptoms of the graphics card failure;

  • If the computer crashes frequently then there may be an issue with the graphics card.
  • High fan sound: If the sound of the laptop fan is high then it may indicate that there is a problem with the graphics card.
  • Black screen issue: In this particular case, the computer screen suddenly turns to black.
  • Frequent driver crashing. If the driver of your system crashes frequently then it can also symbolize that there is a problem with the graphics card.

All the above-mentioned reasons can cause Nvidia error code 43.

Feasible Solutions to Resolve Nvidia Graphics Card Error Code 43

This is not a rocket science. So if you want to know about the solutions, then you have to be patient. We are providing some easy as well as effective steps that can resolve the Nvidia error code 43. You can follow the process correctly then you can easily resolve the issue. Keep one thing in your mind that a single wrong step can be harmful both to your system and Nvidia graphics card. Have a look.

Solution 1 – Power Reset

In order to resolve the issue regarding Nvidia, you can perform a Power Reset. This procedure is basically the easiest fix. You can follow the steps:

1) First of all, make sure that your computer is turned off.

2) Then, remove the charger as well as the battery from your device.

3) Now, press and hold the main power switch for at least one minute. Basically, this procedure discharges any electrical build up from your PC.

4) After that, put the battery back into place and plug the charger back to the system.

5) Finally, restart your computer and check whether the problem is removed or not. If you’re still getting Nvidia Code 43 Error then you can shift to our next procedures.

Solution 2 – Update the Nvidia Driver

Well, a wrong Graphics Driver can be the reason behind the error. So you can try to upgrade the driver to the latest version. But, if you don’t have that much time or patience to update it manually, then you can contact us to do so. The procedures to update the driver are:

  1. Download the updated version of your Nvidia graphics driver.
  2. After that, perform a full scan of your system and then click on the Update option in order to update the driver.

Solution 3 – Uninstall the Graphics Driver

This is one of the most annoying issues of the Nvidia graphics. If you observe it properly then you can see that there is a yellow mark next to the present device name in Device Manager. So, if you follow the steps then you can easily uninstall the graphics driver. Have a look.

1) First, press Windows and R simultaneously to open the Run command window, and after that type devmgmt.msc. Then, click on OK. This will basically open the tab of the Device Manager.

2) After that, expand the category for Display adapters and then perform a right-click on the device name of the NVIDIA.

3) After that, a context menu box will pop up on the screen and then hit the Uninstall option.

4) Finally, reboot your system and verify whether you can see if the problem is removed or not.

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