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Motorola released Moto 360 smartwatch in 2014. It is a great smartwatch with lots of feature including heart-rate monitor and deep sleep tracking. When it was launched in 2014, it was received well and continues to work flawlessly. One issue users seem to have with Moto 360 is the battery life. Users report Moto 360 battery drain is too fast and discharges just in 5-6 hours of basic use. This is a poor optimization of Wear OS which is making things worse for users.

However, it can be fixed easily through professional help. We are a team of expert engineers who deal with smartwatches and Wear OS in general. Our team at Oniton Support can fix Moto 360 battery drainage problem easily. But let’s first understand what is causing the depletion behind battery so rapidly.

The Reasons Behind Moto 360 Battery Drain

Moto 360 was released 4 years back when Wear OS was going through many improvements. At that time, the Operating System for smartwatches was not optimized properly which used to consume battery way more than expected. However, with time there has been a series of improvements. So, Moto 360 should easily last through the day on the latest version of Wear OS. But as of now, most smartwatches have not been updated and remains outdated.

Another reason behind Moto 360 battery drain can be unoptimized watch apps. Since the development of Wear OS platform, app developers have given little to no attention towards optimizing apps for smartwatches. Those apps eat too many resources and constantly run in the background. This makes the watch to consume battery and eventually runs out of juice.

Steps to Fix Moto 360 Battery Drain

  • First of all, charge your smartwatch to 100%. Unplug the watch from the connector and leave it for a while. After some time, connect Moto 360 to WiFi. You must have a good internet connection to complete the upcoming process.
  • Next, tap on the Settings and navigate to System. There you will find About option. Tap on it, and it will show your Watch version number. Scroll down and tap on System Updates.
  • Here, you see the pending update for your smartwatch. Now to fix Moto 360 battery drain, download the update and restart the watch. Do note that, it will take quite some time to install the new update. As smartwatches are less powerful, it takes much more time as compared to mobile phones.
  • After the installation is complete, download the latest version of all your watch apps. It’s important to update the apps as well so that it can target the updated API which in turn will save the battery.
  • Afterward, disable the GPS when you are not using Maps or any GPS related service. GPS is responsible for eating too much battery as it consistently retrieves and sends data to the satellite.
  • Moreover, to fix Moto 360 battery drain, turn on Automatic Display in the Display Settings. This is an important step to save battery. If you have manually set up the brightness then it will keep the same level of brightness in all lighting condition and the battery will deplete quite fast. Automatic brightness uses an ambient light sensor and changes the brightness according to the current light. So, it will dim the display when you are not using it and save the battery.

Opt for our Service and Get Appropriate Fixes Instantly

We are a team of engineers who closely work with smartwatches and resolve issues related to Wear OS regularly. The tech team at Oniton Support have undergone intensive training to understand the intricacies of Wear OS and how the smartwatches function on the hardware level. Smartwatches are new, so are the technology embedded in it. So, we regularly update the experts with new documentation released by Google. At Oniton Support, we provide service which is unmatched in the industry and you can absolutely count on us for any smartwatch issues.

Well-Rounded Technicians

Smartwatches require a different kind of approach because of its small size and tiny sensors. That’s why the technicians at Oniton Support have a well-rounded knowledge of its hardware as well as the software. If you are having Moto 360 battery drain issue on your smartwatch, we can manually install the latest version of Wear OS. We can also update all the apps and optimize the Operating System to suit your needs.

On-Time Service

We understand the need for instant service when it comes to smartwatches. As people depend on smartwatches quite extensively, we provide service in the same manner. Quick and reliable support is all you need. If you are facing Moto 360 battery drain on your smartwatch then look no further, contact Oniton Support and we will fix the issue instantly.

Inexpensive Service

Oniton Support believes in providing service which is affordable and authentic. We do not overcharge the customers and keep the charges within the budget. In essence, the business model is to provide quality service without putting a burden on customer’s expenses.

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If you are facing Moto 360 battery drain, then all you have to do is contact us. The helpline at Oniton Support is always active to take customers grievances and provide instant support. You can also chat with the engineers through the chat portal. Besides, if you have any questions in mind, then email us at Oniton Support without any hesitation. We will get back to you almost instantly.

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