McAfee no Network Detected: Why & How to Fix it

McAfee no Network Detected

Anti-Viruses help us with complete security for our PC’s from harmful viruses, malware, and other malicious programs. McAfee is a popular choice for users when talking about trustworthy and reliable computer security programs. McAfee is one of the most strong antivirus brands in the world, with great features. Mostly, Windows 10 users are mainly facing McAfee no network detected issue.

Due to a corrupted McAfee product, the default gateway problem may occur and the Windows login feature problem may occur as well. It is also possible that an outdated and obsolete network adaptor might be working badly against the issue.

Probable Reasons Behind McAfee no Network Detected Issue

The main cause behind this Mcafee no network detected issue is a poor network connection. Or sometimes, flickery and inconsistent internet connection may cause this problem too. Before moving on to the troubleshooting measures, you should try the power drain-out methods in the first place. To do that, switch off your router along with the modem and keep it like that for at least 4 minutes. Then power on your system once again. Now, if you are doing this, then we can assure you that you will not face such problems anymore.

Ways to Fix McAfee no Network Detected Issue

Fortunately, McAfee, no network detected issue is not something unusual. So, go through the easy steps to resolve the problem. In case you are facing any difficulties, you can directly contact us.  

Remove all the McAfee Programs

Mostly, if you are facing Mcafee no network detected issue means, McAfee security software is obstructing. In that case, you can try to remove the McAfee software components from your system. Visit Control Panel to perform the above task. Otherwise, search for the Run Window and write appwiz.cpl in the search box and hit enter. In case you are not able to solve the issue, then you can try other alternative methods.

Update Network Card Driver

You can update the network card driver by using two ways are a follows, one is by manually from the manufacturer’s website and other through Windows.

  1. Go to Start and write devmgmt.msc, and press enter.
  2. Then augment the network controller and perform a right-click operation on the network card.
  3. Now, click on the Driver tab, and select update driver option.

In case it doesn’t work, then you can uninstall the network driver, and install it again after some time.

Reboot your Modem and Router

You can easily fix the issue by restarting your router as well as the modem. If you are trying to perform any task with your network that does not give you any fruitful result, it might actually be a problem with your router.

Upgrade Router Firmware

If nothing has worked so far, then you may try to update your firmware. If you have any technical knowledge, it is good for you. Otherwise, it may be quite difficult for you to solve the issue. However, there is no need to panic as this problem arises mostly in old routers. Upgrading Router Firmware might turn out to be an effective fix in this case and can remarkably ease you out of your problems.

Use Bridge Connections

If your system has both the wireless and ethernet connection, then it may be a reason behind the Mcafee no network detected an issue. While confronting the issue, you might consider using a bridge connection. It may help you resolve the issue. You can easily solve the problem by going to the network and sharing option, then change the adapter settings. After that click on LAN and Wifi. After that, right-click on any one option and you will get a menu of Bridge connections.

Verify the Adapter Settings

The solution is quite intricate but it can work out in the long run. To make it work, visit the network and sharing center and change the Adapter settings and finally right-click on the Network connection and choose properties. There you will find a system-generated box. Select the client for Microsoft Networks and hit the enter button. Finally, a general settings tab will open. When it does,  write the default IP address. If you are using a static IP address, then enter the correct subnet mask.

Enable or Disable Connection

Click on the Change adapter settings and then choose network adapter settings and disable it. Wait for some time and try to enable the network connection again.

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