Fix McAfee Ad Blocker Issue with Easy Solutions

McAfee Ad Blocker

In our daily computing, we need security software to prevent different types of viruses. There is a lot of antivirus software available in the market which one might use to protect their system. Among them, McAfee is one of the world’s leading security software manufacturers. Generally, McAfee provides practical and proven solutions and services for its customers across the globe. The Intel subsidiary offers its application for Windows, Mac and Android Operating System as well. Also, one can easily access McAfee products online and free of cost. Some of the most popular McAfee products include IntruShield, McAfee VirusScan, McAfee Ad Blocker, McAfee SiteAdvisor, etc.

McAfee Ad Blocker is an add-on for browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Though it provides different features such as website safety and even a free browser cleaner, it can come up with some glitches. In this article, we will be looking into this McAfee problem and figure out a way to solve it correctly. You can also contact Oniton Support for expert assistance regarding this issue.

What to Know About McAfee Ad Blocker

While browsing on the web, some websites display pop-up advertisements to viewers. These pop-ups are often unwanted and only get in the way of your browsing experience. Most internet browsers now include an integrated pop-up blocker, so you don’t have to see these ads. No pop-up blocker is perfect and at times they fail to protect your device from adware. If you have the McAfee Internet Security program, it contains a pop-up blocker. Turn it on for additional protection against ads and pop-ups.

It can be quite annoying to the user when an ad appears while running antivirus. These ads take a lot of time to go away and also cause a threat of viruses. In this scenario, you can use the McAfee Ad Blocker to block unnecessary pop-ups and continue your work without any interruption.

Problems with McAfee Ad Blocker

McAfee helps the users by blocking the ads. But it is sometimes necessary for the user to turn off the ad blocker to access specific websites. If, you are facing this kind of problem and have issues regarding too much advertisement while working on the software then, you can connect with our Oniton Support executives and get solutions for all the problems.

On the other hand, if the McAfee application’s subscription expires, the program starts to send reminders that flash on the screen. Sometimes the Ad blocker is also responsible for such messages pop-up, even when you are not using that application. If you don’t renew the subscription, the pop-ups will continue to appear on your computer screen. You can get rid of these reminders by uninstalling the software, or you can try disabling the McAfee Ad Blocker.

Firefox users often experience some issues due to the Ad Blocker extension. In case of an upgraded version of Firefox, you can find difficulties accessing a few of the websites due to Ad Blocker. Thus, you need to turn it off to resolve this error.

How to Turn off Your McAfee Ad Blocker?

The Ad Blocker makes your browsing experience more secure. In some cases, it also protects your information from any scam or hacking activity. But in the present time, most of the websites ask the viewer to disable the Ad Blocker. Else, it doesn’t allow him/her to see the content of that site. Hence, you’ll need to know the correct steps to disable your McAfee Ad Blocker. Follow the below instructions carefully to solve the problems with Ad Blocker properly:

  • To begin the procedure, open the web browser in which you have installed the Ad Blocker.
  • Now, extend the browser’s page. In Chrome, you have to select more tools and then click on extensions, whereas in Firefox you have to click on Add-ons.
  • Search for the Ad Block option which is available as “Ad Blocker” in the extension list.
  • After you find that option disable the option by clicking on the button Disable Ad Block. In the chrome, you have to uncheck the enabled option and in the Firefox right click on the Ad Blocker to get the disable option.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, close the window, and then re-open it.

Need Assistance? Get in Touch with Us

If you carefully follow the above fixes, you’ll surely be able to fix the Ad Blocker problem. If you’re having difficulties with the given procedure and can’t disable the McAfee Ad Blocker, don’t feel helpless. Get in touch with our Oniton Support team for an extensive McAfee support. Our experts can help you analyze the core of the problem and fix it quickly.

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