Resolve IPv6 no Network Access Windows 10 – Quick Hacks

The latest innovation of technology has led to newer protocols to enhance exchange protection over the web, for all the interconnected computers. However, a lot of PC users report about the trouble while connecting to the internet. There are a few primary reasons responsible for such issues like a fault in the cable connection or glitch in the router. But often the root cause is the internet protocol. A common problem appears as ‘IPv6 connectivity: no internet access’ for both the users of Wi-Fi and LAN cable.

IPv6 is the latest internet protocol, where ‘IPv6 no network access Windows 10‘, is the most common glitch reported from time to time. This error tends to block the network and prevent the users from surfing the internet.

To help yourself in this annoying situation, go through this article to gain generous help in the form of some effective solutions. Know more about the cause of this problem and how you can fix it. You can also consult with the Oniton Support executives to get a vivid insight into the issue.

Primary Reasons Behind IPv6 no Network Access Windows 10

IPv6 is considered to be the next generation of routing, but unfortunately, it is not free from technical breaches. There might be several factors responsible for the Windows 10 error.

  • If you have configured the router for IPv4, and despite the fact, trying to connect through IPv6, the conflict can arise.
  • Otherwise, if your router can assign an IPv6 address whereas your ISP is unable to do so, then issues surface.
  • Often, the faulty Wi-Fi Drivers or LAN Drives are the causes behind no internet connectivity.
  • Due to a misconfiguration in the settings menu, the device may fail to respond accurately.

If your system is unable to get the requirements for the IPv6 internet protocol, then its high time when you need to resolve it. You can join with the Oniton Support executives to gain the necessary help and to complete the internet connection securely.

Top 3 Ways to Fix IPv6 no Network Access Windows 10

To start with, you need to verify if the problem is associated with the PC or the router. Try to connect with other devices in the same network, and notice if the Windows 10 IPv6 no network access persists. Additional, you get three working solutions, mentioned below to help you fix IPv6 no network access Windows 10.

Method 1: Disable and Re-Enable Network Connections

By navigating to the Network Connections, you will be able to fix the “no Internet access” issue. First, you need to open the Run dialog box on Windows 10 by pressing the Windows key and I key simultaneously from the keyboard. Enter ncpa.cpl in the empty field and hit the Enter key.

The Network Connections Window will appear. Click on your working network adapter and then choose the Disable option. Wait till the network connection gets disabled.  Now, enable the adapter again by right-clicking on it. Finally, restart your system and check if the IPv6 connectivity no network access Windows 10 persists.

Method 2: Reset IPv6

If the above method does not work for you, then you can try an alternative one. Reset the IPv6 to solve the malfunction on Windows 10. To initiate the process, open the taskbar and type the command ‘cmd’ into the search box. Try to locate the Command Prompt from the search result.

Right-click on it to select the option ‘Run as administrator’. In the Command Prompt, type in ‘netsh winsock reset catalog’ and hit Enter. Then again run the command ‘netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log’. Lastly, restart the computer to reset the network and resolve the access issue.

Method 3: Update Network Drivers

If the network drivers are outdated or incompatible, then you need to update the OS for Windows 10. You can go to the official website to download the latest network driver updates. All you need to do is, verify if they are compatible and then click on install them manually. Otherwise, you can use professional driver managers to troubleshoot the problem. Finally, after completing the update process, restart the system to confirm the latest changes.

If the problem is still persistent, then you need to seek expert advice to get to the cause and resolve it at the earliest.

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