Encountering HP Printer Paper Jam Issue? Get Expert Solutions

HP printers are most reputed and popular printers in the market. Still, users also face problems. Issues such as HP printer paper jam in the laserjet printer is the most apparent one. Paper jam problem arises when the paper gets stuck in the printer while inserting. In this situation, the system continues to push the article through the printer, but, the printer becomes unable to take the command. For this reason, we may get a crumpled sheet that featured uneven printing and smudging. In this case, the majority of the times, the printer stops working and notify the user by showing up a message on the computer screen.

Now, the question is how to resolve this paper jam error? A variety of methods can do it. Also, be careful from the misconception of ‘paper jam’. The machine might report a message of the paper jam when there is no paper available in the tray. Now, in this article, we are going to provide you with some solutions to this issue.

5 Assured Ways to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Problems

There are many ways to solve it. You can try the fixes as per the reason for the problem. Further, if you face any problem following up, then you can seek help from Oniton Support team.

1) Turn off the Printer

Turn off the printer and again turn it on. Since this method has proved helpful most of the times, you should try this first.

2) Clear the Jammed Paper from the Printer

Cleaning the jammed paper from the particular areas is essential. It may be the cartridge area, output bin or duplex area. Also, sometimes in the toner cartridge area, dust, small particles, pollution may store. This things also need to be removed with a soft wiper.  All you need to do, very carefully open the machine and gently pull the paper out.

3) Reset your Printer

You can fix this error by performing this method too. To reset your printer, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • At first, turn off the printer.
  • Then, Wait for 30 seconds, and then press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Now, try to print.

If this method doesn’t solve your HP printer paper jam issue, then follow the next step.

4) Reload the Paper

At times, this procedure appears highly prominent. First, you need to reload the article, and then try to print text and see whether the hardware is working correctly or not. But, remember not to overload the tray; it may damage your machine.

5) Check the Printer Settings

Also, have a look at the settings to enable your preferred paper quality. You can do it by following these instructions:

  • At first, go to the File Menu of the software program, and then click on Print.
  • In the print dialog box, select Properties.
  • Set the settings to the ‘Paper/Quality’ tab. Change them according to your wish and then click OK.
  • Now, try to print again.

If you are still facing HP printer paper jam error, then replace or repair your printer. There are some valuable tips provided in this article to keep your printer in excellent condition. You can find them all right below.

How to Avoid Paper Jam Error in HP Printer?

  • Do not overload the input tray. Always set the paper by aligning with edges.
  • Do not add or pull paper from the input tray while printing is going.
  • Use only “HP-recommended paper types and sizes.”
  • Do not open the print cartridge door while printing is taking place.
  • Do not print a stapled paper or attached with paper clips.

Hope This article was helpful to you to fix HP printer paper jam problem. Enjoy the wonderful experience with HP Printers. Moreover, if you get stuck in any issues regarding HP printers, you can reach out to us at Oniton Support to get the accurate solutions.

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